Richard Evans Crockett died after Marcel used OR 2.0 to operate on him Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 20, however, may have another character to blame for the cancer patient’s death. OR 2.0 is an advanced surgical suite that has been developed over the years, and Richard Gaffney of Chicago Medical Center was the first person to use OR 2.0. The first procedure successfully removed the tumor, which doctors had previously determined was inoperable, and Richard seemed to be in the clear.


Unfortunately, Marcel and Will Halstead discover in episode 20 that Richard’s cancer has returned and has spread to his liver. But doctors believed they could use OR 2.0 to save his life a second time, which was good news at the time. After the operation, Richard did not wake up due to a stroke, and he died. Given the success of his first OR 2.0 operation, the turn of events was surprising. But after recounting the moments leading up to Richard’s second operation and a minor mishap during the operation, Chicago MedThe ultimate villain behind his death could be Jack Dayton.

Richard Evans died in Chicago in season 8

In Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 20, Crockett Marcel, played by Dominique Rains, wears black scrubs, and Richard Evans, played by Dan Bukatinsky, wears a hospital gown.

Marcel performed Richard’s surgery Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 20 and OR 2.0 seem to have made a mistake during the operation. It was a fleeting moment, but it became more relevant when Richard died. After Marcel removed the first wound, he asked the ward to direct him to another, and his next steps took longer than he should have counted.

It should also be noted that Marcel, Halstead, and Sharon Goodwin fought for the use of OR 2.0 in Richard. After Gaffney became a nonprofit hospital, a wealthy donor kept the OR 2.0 going, even though they weren’t in town to use it. So Sharon approved of Richard’s surgery, which undoubtedly ruffled some feathers. Jack Dayton is the mastermind behind it Chicago Meds decision for profit, has been controversial to say the least. Maybe Dayton caught wind of a pro bono operation and took matters into his own hands. Dayton sabotaging OR 2.0 and thus killing a patient will be one of the show’s most dramatic storylines. But given Chicago Med‘s past and Dayton’s character, it’s no surprise either.

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Dayton looks suspicious when confronted

Crockett Marcel and Jack Dayton Chicago Med

After Richard’s death Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 20 The doctors were shocked and saddened, but no one suspected foul play. However, that changes in episode 21. The final hour of Season 8, which airs on Wednesday, May 17, will show Marcel investigating what happened to Richard. As he digs deeper into the procedure, the doctor becomes suspicious of Dayton.

The trailer teases that data from Richard’s surgery will be deleted, and Marcel confronts Dayton about the problem. Dayton tells Marcel to “let it go” and warns him “don’t blow up your career over this.” So it looks like the CEO has something to do with Richard’s mysterious death. Dayton is probably covering up a problem with OR 2.0, or he’s directly involved in the OR. no matter what Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 21 is sure to be amazing and thrilling.