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Roblox is a game

Roblox is loved by millions. A sandbox game where you can play, create and gather together with people from all over the world. Jump into any community experience or redeem promo codes for exciting content.

Bubble Gum Clicker is one of the most useful and filling Roblox available experience. Click to blow bubbles that will lift you into the sky. The higher you climb, the better rewards you will find! Back on the ground, you can give your treasure to pets to help you jump even higher next time.

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Cheats are a great way to get an edge in Bubble Gum Clicker. The free rewards they offer can help you get rarer, more useful pets, which ultimately means reaching space and more! Try the codes below to get started.

We have four new codes May 26. These are some of the best rewards ever offered at BGC!

All Bubble Gum Clicker Codes




7-fold increase in God’s luck! (NEW CODE)


7-fold increase in God’s luck! (NEW CODE)


20x increase in super luck! (NEW CODE)

cotton candy

25x Fast Hatch Boost! (NEW CODE)

under water

Free Luck Boost!

sponge Bob

Free Luck Boost!

go fast

Fast Hatch Boost!


Free Luck Boost!

chewing gum

Free Luck Boost!

season 1

Fast Hatch Boost!

stay cold

Free Luck Boost!


Free Luck Boost!


Fast Hatch Boost!


50 pet slots!


Free Luck Boost!


Fast Hatch Boost!

Roblox codes are case sensitive. If the code doesn’t work, double-check that it’s entered exactly as shown above. For best results, simple copy and paste each code into the game.


If the code is entered correctly but still doesn’t work, it might be expired. Be sure to check back for more codes in the future!

Expired Bubble Gum Clicker Codes




Exclusive title!

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How to activate codes in Bubble Gum Clicker

how to enter code in roblox bubblegum clicker

Bubble Gum Clicker makes it easy to activate codes. Just follow these steps:

  1. Start playing Bubble Gum Clicker.
  2. Click on Codes button on the left side of the screen. It looks like a blue check mark.
  3. Enter the code in the window that appears.
  4. Click Redeem button and enjoy the rewards!

Each code can only be activated once. If you try to activate a code that has already been used, nothing will happen.

Where to find more Bubble Gum Clicker codes

roblox player near sky chest wearing bubblegum

Developers of Bubble Gum Clicker usually publish new codes on their Twitter and in the game Discord server. We check both regularly and post anything we find on this page, so the easiest way to get new codes is bookmark this page and check when you’re about to start playing!

What is Bubble Gum Clicker?

egg shrine during lucky landing in roblox bubblegum clicker

Bubble Gum Clicker is a Roblox game that is fun for all ages. Your character blows a bubble that gets bigger every time you click; the bigger the bubble grows, the higher you can jump. Jump into the clouds in search of treasure, discovering new areas far above the earth.

You can use treasures found in the sky to breed random animals. Each pet boosts the growth of your bubble and can also help you collect gold and diamonds. With the right combination of pets along with skill and dedication, you will discover what secrets await you in the highest reaches of the world!

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