The production is beautiful, beautiful, looks very good for the 12th season HBO’s most popular comedy Curb your passion. Things are going well for next season. Cheryl Hines shared a behind-the-scenes photo with her co-star Susie Essman, as they leave to deal with more of the show’s star flaws, Larry David.

A photo that was tweeted By Hines, the pair were shown driving together to film extra scenes for the series.. “We went to work. Car with Susie. I’m a happy lady. 12 years old,” Haynes captioned the photo. Filming in the 12th season Curb your passion was has been confirmed to have started in November 2022, so it’s clear that production is well underway, but it’s unclear how many more seasons are left to shoot. Especially, Curb your passion often involves filming improvised scenarios in real-life situations. David himself said that the scripts for the show serve only as a basic outline, and that most of the series is improvisation without a script.


David is known as the best creator popular sitcom Seinfeld along with jerry seinfeld, created Curb your passion in 2000, spun off from the one-hour special that aired the previous year. David plays a (mostly) fictional version of himself as he continues his life in Los Angeles. Hines also plays herself, but in the world of the series, David’s ex-wife. Essman plays herself as his wife in space Jeff Garlin, Although Garlin is generally portrayed as David’s best friend, Essman is less positive about him. After Garlin and a series of false accusations against him next departure From the ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, there were questions about whether he would return Curb your passion for the 12th season. However, a previous behind-the-scenes video shot by another mainstay of the show, JB Smoov, Garlin was shown on set and confirmed to be a part of season 12.

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Who else will be in season 12? Curb your passion?

In addition to David, Hines, Essman, Garlin and Smoov, several other returning faces should grace the screen next season. This includes a comedian Richard Lewis, he often comes into conflict with David over various minute issues. There are other popular stars who are likely to return Vince Vaughn and Ted Danson, Among others. Moreover, it is confirmed COD a collapsing star Troy Kotsur joins the cast for at least one episode, portrays someone who plays at the same golf club as David. While major parts of the show have not been written, the general outline of season 12 remains under wraps.

HBO executives should not be surprised the twelfth season is in green Shown in August 2022 Curb your passion has become a cultural phenomenon in its own right, garnering 51 Emmy nominations during its twenty-plus decades on television. Pointer Jeff Shaffer had said The storylines for season 12 were written even before the official HBO renewal. Schaffer will also executive produce the series alongside David and Garlin.

There is no release date for season 12 Curb your passion It has been announced, but it is scheduled to take place in 2023. Haynes’ Twitter post can be seen below: