Organizers will hope the rain continues. Cheltenham Festival It returns in 2023.

It’s been a disrupted racing seasonWith significant cold periods causing problems in the UK and Ireland.

A lack of precipitation will cause courses to run faster than usual, while a welcome rain weekend ahead of the Festival may affect favourites.

For fans ready to pack Cheltenham If it’s standing on the rafters, it might be wise to bring an umbrella.

Here’s what the prediction looks like.

What is the forecast for the first day of the Cheltenham Festival?

Runners and riders can avoid the predicted morning showers on the opening day of the 2023 Festival, and the nightly snowfall will likely have dissipated before the race begins. Estimates suggest it’s about eight or nine degrees Celsius higher, with the possibility of a little drizzle later in the day.

What’s going on at Cheltenham?

In the final inspection on Monday, March 13, the official goes as follows: Soft in the Old Course, Soft, Fine to Soft (in places) In the New Course and Soft, Fine to Soft (in places) On the Cross Track.

Cheltenham Festival Day 1: Race schedule and final odds

1:30 Supreme Beginner Barrier

Simple Vega 2/1

Naval National 10/3

Meat Rust 5/1

Il Etait Temps 6/1

Welsh Warrior, Luccia 8/1

Tahmuras 10/1

High Definition 11/1

Diverge, Hunter Thread 14/1

Chasing the Fire 16/1

pocket 20/1

Dark Raven, Doctor Bravo, Rare Version 25/1

Colonel Harry, Extreme, Nemean Lion, Strong Leader 33/1

ROD 40/1

2:10 Arkle Chase

El Fabiolo, Jonbon 6/4

Dysart Dynamo 9/2

Saint Roi 8/1

Appreciate, Banbridge 10/1

Last Orders 12/1

Sir Gerhard 14/1

Sacred Games 33/1

ROD 40/1

2:50 Ultima Handicap Tracking

Corach Rambler 7/1 at Extreme Speed

Goodbye 15/2

fast slow 8/1

Oscar Elite, The Goffer, Threeunderthrufive 10/1

Stumptown 11/1

happygolucky 12/1

Beauport, Coeur Serein, Iron Bridge, Lord Accord, Monbeg Genius, Our Strength, Remastered, Tea Scissors 14/1

Adamantly Chosen, Dunboyne, Next Destination, The Big Break 16/1

Cloudy Glen, Empire Steel, Fanion D’estruval, I am Maximus, Lifetime Ambition, Punisher 20/1

ROD 25/1

3:30 Champion Block

Constitution Hill 1/3

Statesman 11/4

Vauban 9/1

Epatante, Honeysuckle 14/1

I Love Carrying 16/1

Echoes in the Rain 20/1

Love Envelope 33/1

Sharjah, Zanahyr 50/1

First Street, Pied Piper of Fareli Village 66/1

Militant Jason, Not That Sleepy 100/1

4:10 Mare Barrier

Honeysuckle 2/1

Epatante 3/1

Maries Rock 3/1

Brandy Love 11/2

Echos in the Rain, Love Envoi 6/1

Queens Creek 8/1


Telmesomethinggirl 16/1

West Balboa 25/1

Anna Bunina 33/1

ROD 50/1

4:50 Boodles Juvenile Handicap Hurdle

Tekao 4/1

Byker, Nusret 5/1

Risk Beauty 6/1

Perseus Way, Sir Allen 8/1

Bad, Common Practice, Punta Del Este 12/1

Bo Zenith, Cougar, Jazzy Matty, Metamorpheus, Morning Soldier, Samuel Space, Zanndabad 16/1

Afadil, Jolly Nellerie, Might Mo Missouri Pont Audemer, Shared, Thetys 20/1

ROD 25/1

5:30 National Hunting Track

Gaillaerd Du Mesnil Evens

Mahler Mission, Ramillies 6/1

Chemical Energy, Churchstonewarrior 7/1

Minella Crooner, Mr. Coffey 8/1

City Chief 10/1

Tenzing 20/1

Fakiera, Frontal Assault, Gold Cup Bailly, Idas Boy 25/1

Iron Bridge, Jon Snow 33/1