chelsea closed the gap between Manchester United At the top of the Women’s Super League, she rose to one point after a comfortable 3-1 win over Brighton.

Guro Reiten and Jess Carter scored twice in nine minutes of the first half, while Johanna Rytting Kaneryd scored three points after 19 minutes, and Danielle Carter’s late kick only consoled the guests.

Emma HayesThe defending champions have one game against United and are two points away from Manchester City. WSL The championship race heats up.

The home team took the lead from the penalty spot as Zoe Morse knocked Sam Kerr into the penalty area and Reiten was thrown from 12 yards.

The blues quickly had a second when Jess Carter returned home from the nearby police station.

Chelsea wrapped up the win in the 71st minute as Kerr unselfishly squared Kaneryd, who kicked the ball into an empty net.

Brighton continued to pull the plug and two minutes later Danielle Carter scored a well-deserved goal as she rolled a counterattack.

Arsenal rekindled their championship hopes by beating Liverpool 2-0 at Meadow Park thanks to halftime goals from Stina Blackstenius and Caitlin Foord, finishing three league games without a win.

Reinforcing the League Cup at the weekend, Arsenal took the lead with Blackstenius’ big shot from outside the penalty area in the 28th minute.

Foord doubled Arsenal’s lead six minutes later when he was ready for a rebound after Blackstenius’ powerful shot was brought back into the game by Rachael Laws.

Jonas Eidevall’s team is six points behind the leaders, but is fourth at the table with both Manchester clubs in one game.