help for Graham Potterand maybe version? This 2-0 win is possible Borussia Dortmund It could be looked back on as the game where everything changed as the besieged manager finally got his way. chelsea Not only did they score, they scored twice, making it the first time in 2023 to score two goals in one game. Champions Leaguewhat undoubtedly represents his first major success here as a manager.

This may seem a bit much for a club that needs to get used to this level, but the situation was getting so bad that it will feel more satisfying. You could even say that Potter is in good shape now. This 2-0 also marked his team’s first straight win since October and was definitely his biggest victory. The only upcoming match was Milan away.

Meanwhile, Jude Bellingham was yet to look close to the Champions League playoff winner he would inevitably turn into, having somehow managed to miss the game’s best chance. Potter would no doubt be relieved, as the opposition had suffered for once. Part of the problem for Dortmund, though, was that they had too little.

This is done Kai HavertzThe image of ‘ was even more effective, as it offered so many touches and moments that Dortmund couldn’t match.

It was the German who duly scored the winning goal, but in a moment that seemed to sum up a lot, as he first missed the penalty and then had to wait to draw again.

At least Chelsea enjoyed the feeling of the ball hitting the net again.

It was something else that was just as bad.

The formation of the first goal was almost like a piece of comedy, as if the skit would find ever more elaborate ways not to score. It was extraordinary. First of all, there was the visualization of the whole problem, as Sterling ran into the ball for a break and couldn’t decide what to do. Since the offside decision was made, the moment was decided for him. Beyond that, Sterling also shot straight at Alexander Meyer while he was clean, before Kalidou Koulibaly then blocked a shot to goal, somehow missing the ball and Havertz hitting the post. When the German first got the ball into the net with a great volley, it was still outside the goal frame and still offside.

Raheem Sterling scores the opening goal


This was Schrödinger’s goal, which seemed to come and not at all. Even when the moment of delivery itself involves a distraction and the feeling that it will not happen. Sterling was given the chance to smash it, but initially kicked the air, then rallied to drive it to the roof of the net.

It was the kind of thoughtless and uncomplicated power it would take.

It was also what Chelsea deserved with possibly the best football spell ever under Potter. There were moments of real quality in it too, at least not from Havertz. His Dennis Bergkamp-style touch kicked off the move for the goal, until he was asked if he meant it. He deserved the benefit of the doubt.

That would be the case at the next decisive moment. Marius Wolf made a cross inside the penalty area at halftime.

Chelsea’s problems had not completely disappeared, as symbolically they had to wait for the penalty first and then the goal. Twice.

Granted, Havertz halted his run to cut the post, which would have been an almost cruel joke to immediately put his own problems back in front goal. Instead, perhaps we had another indication that Potter’s luck was turning. The scores of Dortmund and Chelsea players were raped and head referee Danny Makkelie decided that the game was financially affected.

Havertz got a second chance and got almost the same penalty. But that was right in the post.

Kai Havertz keeps his temper from the penalty spot for the second time


Chelsea were in an unusual position and only because of the number of goals. For once, they never had to chase a game. Instead, they had a clue to protect, and Potter’s approach actually seemed more appropriate.

It was remarkable that Dortmund created so little in this spell, apart from a big chance right after Havertz’s goal, which probably undermined their determination. Coming from his current biggest stars was even worse.

That was one of the problems. Bellingham looked like he was playing most of this game, as if he wanted to be the decisive player. This meant that he missed the decisive. A loose Dortmund attack landed on him just meters from goal, but the midfielder somehow passed the ball.

Chelsea were the team that was ultimately doomed. The impact cannot be ignored, as Potter now has that quarter-final turning point. They may not have gotten there in the most empathetic way, but they are there and so is the manager for now.