This week, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Drop #3 in comic shops. BOOM! Studios gave us a preview and it looks epic! Casey and Raph want to fight, Shredder fights Bebop and Scorpina and works with the Rangers, and more. This is incredible! Also, the option covers are to die for! MMPR/TMNT II written by Ryan Parrott (Fake sun) with art by Dan Mora (Once and for the future), by colors Raul Anguloand by letters Ed Dukeshire.

It’s a battle between SHREDDER and RANGER X, and Rita’s troops are a strong match for our underpowered heroes! When the Rangers and the Turtles, particularly Billy and Donatello, put their heads together to create a secret weapon, unlikely alliances and shrines abound. But the problem is that it can change them, they won’t come back!

You can read MMPR/TMNT II #3 on February 22nd. The main cover was designed by Mora Kevin Eastman & Freddie Williams II with Andrew Dalhouse, Diego Sanchez, Taurine Clark, Ig Guara with Fabi Marquez, Paolo Rivera, Simone di Meo, Alan Quah, Michael Dialynasand Goni Montes. Which cover is your favorite?