Fortnite content creator Hypex used ChatGPT, an AI service, to help find out Fortnite’s the latest cipher teases the upcoming season.

Fortnite is no stranger when it comes to uploading cryptic messages to the community. The latest message was posted on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. The tweet included a series of numbers, followed by a status update about when the update would begin. Next are details about the game’s upcoming patch.

Shortly after this tweet was published, Hypex announced that it had managed to crack the code. In the tweet, he mentions ChatGPT, revealing that the numeric cipher actually reads: “CRACKET THE CODE.” Although this clue is a bit vague, it is consistent with Fortnite The most wanted eventwhich is themed around thieves and loot-like items that players can unlock for free if they complete certain tasks before February 28. This is likely the first of many teasers that will hint at Season 2 Episode 4, which is expected to launch sometime after March 8, the last day of the current season.

ChatGPT is an AI service created late last year that can be used for various things like answering questions, fixing bugs, writing stories, and more.

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