John Wick: Chapter 4 is an absolute masterpiece of action-packed, heart-stopping thrills that will have fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish. Like all of you, I’m super excited about this movie, and seriously, how often do people get excited about the fourth movie in the franchise?! It’s a rare occurrence to find a franchise that gets better and better with every movie released, but the John Wick franchise has achieved just that.

Keanu Reeves Once again, the legendary assassin takes on the role of John Wick, and he delivers the fun and familiar performance we’ve come to know and love. From his impeccable martial arts skills to his effortless charisma, Reeves embodies the character of Wick and captivates and delights the audience.

While Reeves is one of the main selling points of this film, the action sequences are really next level. Every fight sequence is perfectly choreographed with a level of precision and intensity that will blow your mind. The stunts are amazing, and the gun-fu is some of the most exciting stuff you’ll ever see on the big screen.

One of the standout action scenes in the film is a stunningly choreographed car chase and fight scene set in Paris. Reeves previously talked about this inventive car-fu scene, in which Wick confronts an army of assassins and dispatches them in the most uniquely insane ways in the middle of heavy traffic. We’ve gotten a taste of this scene in the trailers, but watching it play out in its entirety on the big screen is an incredible experience!

This is one of the many fight scenes where Vic uses every trick in the book and out of the book to take down his opponents.! Reeves has previously said that this movie has the most action John Wick movie, and he doesn’t lie! It’s also some of the best action we’ve seen in the franchise, and it all leads to a great climax. These scenes are very complex and well executed and there is great camera work that helps bring these scenes to life in an incredible way.

I would like to highlight one of my favorite sequences of the film. I won’t spoil anything, but the sequence involves Vic getting the Dragon Breathe rifle and it’s one of the most beautiful horror scenes you’ll ever see.

Let’s talk about it Donnie Yen. We all know that the guy is an insanely talented martial artist and that’s what it’s all about Chapter 4 will enhance the franchise tremendously! He is 100% the MVP of the movie and you can tell he had a lot of fun making this thing! He has several fight sequences with Reeves that are easily the most impressive in the franchise and any action movie for that matter! They are brutal, sophisticated and fast. Yen’s fighting style is fluid and elegant, while Reeves’s is strong and precise, making their fight scenes together unforgettable.

He also brings a level of gravitas and depth to his character that adds a new layer of complexity to the film. Yen’s character is both friend and foe of John Wick, and her relationship with Wick is one of the most interesting dynamics in the film. The supporting cast is equally impressive, with excellent performances Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShaneand Clancy Brown.

While all of this is great, the story is also rich and layered, with interesting elements that fans won’t see. John Wick: Chapter 4 definitely raises the bar for action movies and is one of the most amazing and thrilling action movies ever made! You will like it!