with shunt Cameron loser katie taylor by majority decision to successfully defend the undisputed lightweight crown.

The melee between the two undefeated fighters led to the final bell, with Cameron raising his hand as Taylor suffered her first career defeat in professional boxing.

A slow start in the first lap ended with a Cameron attack, and Taylor jumped into the second before throwing a clean straight right punch to Cameron’s bodyguard, and after a close third lap, Taylor began to look more tired than the duo when the bell rang. It marked the end of the fourth quarter.

Cameron’s body kicks began to hurt Taylor, and English The fighter looked undeterred from Taylor’s shots.

I didn’t want the homecoming to be like this, but I’m grateful that this event can be sold out in a few minutes.

katie taylor

An uppercut from Cameron put him in the eighth-row driver’s seat, and then Taylor returned with a shooting rally towards the end of the lap, with both fighters digging deep for victory.

A blockbuster round 10 kicked off as the pair swapped big hooks, desperate Taylor responded with more combinations after Cameron hooked up with another uppercut, but after the bell rang, Northampton A born fighter with a raised hand, the judges drew 95-95 and scored 96-94 in favor of Cameron, 96-94.

Undisputed lightweight champion Chantelle Cameron told DAZN: “I was stoned. I’ve seen results go awry in the past. It was a close fight and Katie is a great boxer, the best per pound.

“My strength is to apply pressure. I don’t mind getting hit, so my corner got me off the leash.

“He’s so fast and tough. He’s one of the greatest boxers ever.

“I beat McCaskill in the last fight at 147 and now I beat another undisputed champion. I’m sick of keeping my belts, I want to buy more belts.

“Amazing atmosphere. It’s a shame they don’t support me but Katie has a great following. I put my belts against my best pound, so I clearly have some guts.

After the result, Taylor had already set her sights on a rematch.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I was expecting a tough fight and it was. Frankly, I fell short. I always like a challenge and look forward to the rematch.

“I didn’t want the homecoming to be like this, but I’m grateful that this event can be sold out in a few minutes.”