If you played League of Legends you’ve probably switched roles a few times over the years. The same can be said for many of the champions available, and you’ve definitely had to deal with changes to their regular positions after a few seasons. You had to either change form or log out of your network.

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We also saw some characters return to their former roles. Some new characters have also ventured into other roles and succeeded in changing lanes. With just a few tweaks and changes to their builds, these champions have changed paths for the better.

10 Ashe

Ash Frost Archer from League of Legends

Ashe hasn’t exactly changed lanes, but her role has shifted from ADC to support. Although this was a hotly debated role reversal, most welcomed her as a supporting character. A fairly strong champion throughout the game, she was always capable of dealing damage with ranged attacks against enemies.

With her volley of arrows, Zombie Ward and Cheap Shot runes, it would be hard to be a bad shooter with her. That’s not to say that Ashe ADC is dead, but it was great to see the older champions reinvent themselves.

9 Ukun

Monkey King Wukong from League of Legends

Wukong was a renowned jungler who also became a viable top laner. Especially when you’re a beginner, Wukong has always been one of the strongest and easiest champions in the game. This is all thanks to the buffs put into his kit, meaning he had little downtime and could be a good player.

However, Ukung in the jungle was still good—and even great Wild fault — with its faster Q cooldown, optimal for the stance. The Monkey King’s high damage output allowed him to top lane easily in solo mode – and he was also helped by his high win rate in the top lane.

8 Ione

You are from League of Legends

There was a lot of speculation before the launch of the Yone. He was often a strong, competent middle peasant, very much like his estranged brother, but soon became a decent top laner as well. Both positions were embraced by the community, and the top lane came to dominate his gameplay charts.

His ability to expand during his E skill was great for reaching enemies quickly and perfect for disappearing when you need to. His E also made his burst stronger, which could easily kill enemy champions if timed correctly. Yone has always been a timing concern as he has never been as buffed as other top lane tanks.

7 Sett

Seth boss from League of Legends

Popular in the top lane, infamous in the mid lane, and even an obscure jungler, Sett has always been as flexible as he could be. Although originally intended for top lane, it has shown itself to be more than capable of mid lane. This change wasn’t a surprise, as his kit has ranged attacks that were perfect for lane — despite being a skirmisher.

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Those who played Seth in mid enjoyed his longevity against trickier assassins and mages, with enough range for his E to poke enemy champions. His blast was not for any squishy champion as he could knock anyone to the ground and deal a lot of damage.

6 His

Viego, the Ruined King from League of Legends

Once popular as a top lane pick, Viego has since grown into a jungler role. Not everyone was convinced he was viable there, but we’ll leave that up to you. On the other hand, Ruined King has started to thrive in the mid lane in pro and casual games and has even emerged as a niche support option.

It’s even more surprising when you look at Viego’s win rate as a support. His long-range attack allowed him to play effectively in the center as well as a botlane support that can unleash a devastating burst.

5 Riven

Torn from League of Legends runic blade

Riven is a champion that never goes out of style, from a famous mid laner to a leader. She was once in the spotlight for frequently picking Faker in the mid lane, but the lane change didn’t mean she was retiring. She enjoyed top lane bruising after her evolution, with increased pick frequency and winrate on her new lane.

While Riven remained viable in the mid lane, she definitely saw lower pick rates there compared to her top lane counterpart. There were a lot of different PCs appearing between lanes, but with her high damage and fast feet, it’s easy to see why she became a champion in the top lane.

4 Ezreal

Ezreal The Wandering Explorer from League of Legends

Ezreal didn’t leave the bottom lane, even though there were mid lane rascals playing him in the wild. However, he has recently moved into the support role, seeing a better winrate there compared to his winrate as an ADC.

The reason for this was that there weren’t many modifications to his runes when playing as a support, but there were nuances to how he played. You couldn’t really tank as an Ezreal support, instead focusing on ranged damage to keep enemy champions under your tower.

3 Jean

Jin Virtuoso from League of Legends-1

Jin is another admin who has found a support role even after appearing in professional play. Jhin support development it was all fun and memesuntil people realized it actually worked.

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His Q could be used to push enemies back, and long trades ultimately made him more dangerous to opponents. His W also cast on enemies that were further away, which was great when played with and horrible when taken. Regardless of the technical aspects, Jhin’s support was just incredibly fun to play.

2 Diana

Diana from League of Legends

She was the main pick in the mid lane, but Diana also made a comeback in the jungle – some even touted her as the strongest jungler. She has always been a hard-to-learn champion, but flexible in choosing any role.

She was also strong in the early game, chasing down players on other lanes who were only looking forward. Her mobility was also a notable advantage, allowing her to cover distances faster in the jungle and on lanes when she needed to kill.

1 Gwen

Gwen Gracious from League of Legends

Gwen has always been considered a strong top laner, but she has also been successful in the mid lane for many players. It wasn’t bad, but it just meant you found another interesting way to play her.

She was strong even in the early game and could be built as a tank with the right runes and items. She could poke and damage even ranged enemies with her Q, and she could slash, slash, slash terribly with her E. Chasing scissors is the last thing you want in real life, let alone the Game.

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