Bungie has released a teaser trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, “the final chapter in the saga of light and darkness.”

This is the unexpected return of Cade-6, one of Destiny’s most popular characters. It’s been four expansions since Destiny players said goodbye to Cade, a wise hunter originally played by Nathan Fillion who was shot dead by Uldren Owl. He even received touching monument players can visit the Tower hub in Destiny 2.

The CGI trailer opens with the head warlock Ikora Rey staring at a fire and talking to Cade as if he were still alive. “You missed out on so much,” she says sadly. “I wish you were there.”

Then Cade appears, sitting by the fire, holding his famous spade gun. “Yeah, me too, baby,” he says. “But hey, I’m here right now…where the hell wouldn’t I be.”


It certainly sounds like Fillion has reprized his role. Is this Cade’s ghost talking or some sort of resurrection? Since it is fate, anything is possible. None of this makes any real sense.

I remember talking to Bungie in 2018 when they told me Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion really killed Cayde for good. “We’re not trying to trick you,” I was told. Five years later, here we are.

The Destiny show is scheduled for August 22nd, when we’ll know more.