Cad Bane and several “Boba Fett Book” Funkos, including Grogu and Luke Skywalker, are available to order now.

Heads up Star Wars fans, Funko has revealed a new Cad Bane figurine to complete your collection. The new statue features the blue antagonist in a rust-colored costume complete with a wide-brimmed hat, red eyes, large teeth, and a weapon. The figurine takes the character’s likeness mainly from its recent appearance Boba Fett bookwhere is the stunt Dorian King physically portrayed the character. Pop is now available to order.

Created by George Lucas, Dave Filoniand Henry Gilroya ruthless bounty hunter is introduced for the first time Star Wars: The Clone Wars (voice Corey Burton) season 1 finale, after which he served as a recurring antagonist. After the series was canceled in 2014, the character reappeared in a Disney+ animated film Star Wars: The Bad Party, a spin-off series. Cad Bane continues to be a ruthless bounty hunter after the rise of the Galactic Empire, at the end of the series we see him trapped when Shand sabotages his ship.


Then it went live again Boba Fett book, five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire. In the series, he is recruited by the Pyke Syndicate to take over Tatooine. He came to Freetown to order his people to remain neutral in the upcoming war with Boba Fett, but Marshal Cobb Vant was having none of it as he believed in keeping his city clean of the spice trade. However, the marshal is defeated in a duel by Bane, who declares that Freetown will be left alone as long as Pikes’ spice trade continues. In the final battle, Boba Fett is defeated and stabs him with a Tusken gaffi stick, leaving a red flashing light in Bane’s chest.

Cad Bane Funko from the Boba Fett book
Image via Funko

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Bane’s story has taken so many twists and turns over time that it will be interesting to see where he appears next. Disney+ has several shows that tie into the Star Wars franchise, and fans want to see it again. We do not have specific information Boba Fett book In Season 2, fans will return to the sand Mandalorian Season 3 is coming in March. The series starts after that Boba Fett book, where Dean Djarin helped Fett get rid of the Pykes and also teamed up with Grogu, who chose him over continuing his training with Luke Skywalker. In the series, the two make their way to Mandalore, where Dean must pay reparations for breaking the rules of the faith he is supposed to live by.

You can ..; you can… Order Cad Bane and several others Boba Fett book Pop! Funkos today.