Bungie and Guerrilla games each released statements about the death of actor Lance Reddick.

An actor who starred in Bungie’s Fate 2 and the TV series “Partisan’s Horizon”, died at his home on Friday. He was 60 years old.

Following the news, both studios released statements commemorating the veteran actor, who played Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 and voiced and voiced Silence in the Horizon franchise.

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Bungies said in a statement: “Lance Reddick was an iconic presence on screen, in Destiny and most importantly in person. His love for our community was manifested in Commander Zabali in his uncompromising dedication to his work and in the kindness he radiated that touched those around him. To say that he will be missed is a profound understatement, but no less true.”

Reddick played Commander Zaval, the most prominent NPC in the game since Destiny launched. Reddick appeared in the game most recently in the Lightfall expansion last month.

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The developers of Horizon Guerrilla also released a statement.

“Thank you, Lance Reddick, for all that you brought to the character of Silence, for sharing with us your boundless talent and wisdom, for your generous warmth and inimitable presence, and for your profound influence not only as part of our cast composition , but in our community. We are honored to work with you. You will be missed. We express our deepest condolences to his loved ones.”

Reddick played Silence in both Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West. It is unclear if he will appear in the upcoming expansion Horizon: Forbidden West Burning Shores.