Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

Almost everyone who lives in the capital of Hungary, Budapest, knows the loud noise of the iconic Ikarus bus. But after more than 50 years in service, these old, rattling blue vehicles have been retired from public service.

The last few did a farewell tour of the capital so passengers could say goodbye to torn leatherette seats and clattering ticket punches.

Széll Kálmán Square in Budapest was packed with photographers who wanted to capture these most legendary pieces of Eastern European transport history for the last time.

The Ikarus 200 series buses, created by the world-famous designer László Finta, were put into circulation in 1967. Since then, they have received numerous international awards.

For several years, around 13,000 buses rolled off the production line, making Ikarus the fourth largest bus manufacturer in the world at the time. Ikarus 286 could be seen everywhere from the United States to Kazakhstan.

But today we can see the end of an era. Although the monster on the high floor was regularly spewing smoke and breaking down, it will be missed by many. A feature of urban life through the decades, but also a symbol of Budapest and Hungary.