Bryan Cranston during his career he performed several outstanding film and television roles. He recently spoke with GQ about the most popular characters he’s played, as well as their personalities and motivations.

Some of the characters he reveals include Walter White breaking BadHal Wilkerson Malcolm in the middleDr. Tim Whatley SeinfeldInside Michael Desiato Your HonorShannon DrivingIn the Mac Saving Private Ryanand President Lyndon B. Johnson in All the way.

He also shared how he approaches each role and how he personalizes each character with his ideas. He also spoke about his love for acting and being famous, saying:

“I would be fine if the success, fame and popularity never came, because I was making a living. I was doing what I loved and I had a wonderful family. So everything was fine. Now it happens suddenly. And you have to learn how to deal with it, because you were never taught how to be famous.

It’s fun and interesting to hear Cranston talk about these projects and characters. Watch the video below!