Roy Keane And Gary Neville Strongly criticized Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes For his role in Sunday’s humiliating 7-0 loss to Liverpool in the Premier League.

Former United captain Keane described the Portuguese international’s body language as “shameful” and Neville was equally appalled by the lack of leadership after a tough afternoon on Merseyside.

Speaking after the final whistle, Keane told Sky Sports: “Fernandes’ body language today was just a disgrace to me.

“He’s a really talented kid, he’s your captain. He’s very talented but his body language, the way he wags his arms and doesn’t run back… You wouldn’t be happy with him in our locker room, let me tell you.”

Former United right-back Neville was also stern as he evaluated the wreck of a disastrous 90 minutes for the Carabao Cup winners.

“There were signs in the second half and I saw embarrassing things in the second half and I’ll start with Bruno Fernandes because to be honest, I’m sick of him throwing his arms around his teammates, sick of not running back.

“He’s whining to everyone. He’s pushed on his chest and he comes down and grabs his face. He’s got to put on a captain’s performance. This was not the captaincy performance of a Manchester United player.”

United were more than in the game until Cody Gakpo opened the score, but then dreadfully surrendered when the Dutch finished the double up, as Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah had done before the substitute substitution. Roberto Firmino Put the cream on the cake.

Referring to his experience playing at Anfield as a United player, Neville said: “He could swallow you alive and that’s what happened to the Manchester United player group there today. They were beaten alive in that second half.

“It never happened to us there because I think we are aware of what could happen. You show respect, you are not indifferent, you are not naive.

“To be fair, in recent weeks these players have been called cunning, street wise and determined, resilient, all that stuff and rightly so. But in the second half of today, they weren’t pros.”

You’re here to work, this is serious business. It’s the big boy’s job

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane

Keane was unhappy to see some United players laughing and joking as he went out for the second half.

“You are here to work, this is serious business. Big boy’s job. Forget all this laughing and joking bullshit.”

The former Republic of Ireland national football player added: “Thank God I have never been part of a team that lost playing so many times at Manchester United.

“The actors will be embarrassed, no doubt ashamed of their performance. Especially when things got tough in the second half, they just disappeared out of nowhere.

“I always try to imagine that if we were beaten by six or seven zeros in a game like this, you would hide. You could. You would hide as a player, never go out for a few days. I think I’m going to disappear for a few months.”

But Neville backed coach Erik Ten Hag to quickly turn things around ahead of Thursday night’s Europa League match against Real Betis.

“I think Erik Ten Hag will be dealing with them very, very strongly in the next 24, 48 hours – he’s already done this a couple of times this season – and I’m hoping that eventually basically normal service will resume next week.

“But they have to have that performance today and they have to have this result because they lost 7-0 to Manchester United at Anfield and that’s not good enough. It’s a disgrace.”

Former Liverpool midfielder and manager Graeme Souness, who got Neville into a candid and sometimes frantic argument, was understandably pleased with the Reds’ showdown.

Souness said: “After the second or third goal, Manchester United were in second place after that and the result does not please Liverpool.

“They (United) couldn’t compete in the second half and Liverpool went over them.”

Keane also acknowledged the quality of the Reds’ performance.

He said: “I’m going to get into Manchester United hard, of course I will, but I must also say that Liverpool is absolutely great, I thought Liverpool were great. Their energy levels, the quality of their play, their decision making, their desires.

“Liverpool are back to their best days as they have been in recent years.”