Rise of the Evil Dead recently premiered at SXSW and while many fans were in attendance I liked the movie, there was a guy who hated her. He wasn’t shy about telling the cast and crew how he felt about the film after taking the stage for a Q&A, which led to a verbal spat. Bruce Campbell.

You can see pictures of the young reel curled up in a theater balcony seat. The informant is approached by staff at the event and shouts, “This movie is so bad.”

The clown then gets up, throws an empty popcorn container in the air, and walks out as the crowd cheers him on. As he was leaving. a film producer Robert Tapert “I think someone went crazy during the movie.”

Then the rioter shouts something, Campbell replies: “What are you doing here? Get out of here.” As Campbell said this, the audience erupted. Tapert then said, laughing: “I don’t understand it. He waited until the credits ended.”

You can watch the entire game below!