Garrett Hedlund (Covered in mud), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect, X), and Hamish Linklater (Big short) is set to star in an upcoming crime thriller Barron’s Bay.

Described as a “poignant” film about the enduring bond between fathers and sons, the story is about “a man with a violent past whose life is torn apart by the tragic murder of his young son tells the story of a sad father. Desperate for answers, she kidnaps a boy she believes is responsible for her son’s death, sparking a frantic manhunt by the kidnapped boy’s powerful politician father.

Well, it sounds like a gritty and dark story. He will be the author and director of the film Evan Ari Kelman and the film will begin shooting later this year.

Producers Jason Michael Berman and Will Raynor said in a statement: “We are proud to partner with an incredible ensemble led by the extraordinary Garrett Hedlund, who are ready to deliver an amazing production. Along with a world-class team behind the camera, we are excited to announce the feature debut of writer/director Evan Ari Kelman and bring him to this It is our honor to support the revival of this wonderful film.”

Producers Jordan Yale Levin and Jordan Beckerman added, “We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with our friends at Mandalay on this fun, fast-paced emotional roller coaster. As fathers of young children, we are deeply moved by the protagonist Caleb and his relentless quest to uncover the truth about his son’s tragic fate. With a blend of expertly crafted fast-paced action and heartfelt drama, we believe this film has all the ingredients to captivate audiences worldwide.

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