Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Fast X

Quick X Brie Larson’s Tessie and her relationship with Mr. Nobody mean the future is bright for the character. The tenth part Fast and furious the franchise includes a number of new and familiar faces. When Mr. Nobody mysteriously disappears, Mr. Nobody’s daughter Tess steps in to help Dominique Toretto’s team and protect them from Aimes, her father’s predecessor and Dante Reyes’ partner.


Tess was not happy with Ames’s handling of the situation with Dom’s family. However, rather than abandon them, he plans to break Letty out of jail before heading to a field near home to help Dom. the end of the movie. As Mr. Nobody’s daughter, Tess was already bound by loyalty to Dom and his family; he was following in his father’s footsteps. He also dislikes Aimes, with whom he doesn’t see eye-to-eye on what the agency should do about Dom’s situation. Although Tess replaces Mr. Nobody as an ally of Dom’s agency, Quick X sets it up in a way that shows it isn’t done with Dom and his family.

Brie Larson was barely in Fast X, but in Fast 11 she’s going to be big

tess fast x brie larson

Brie Larson’s Tessie barely made it Quick X, appeared in several scenes before being filmed and removed from commission for the time being. And even if it has scenes Quick X Primarily used to help Dom and Letty when they needed someone, the fact that she wasn’t killed means that Tess has a bigger and more important role in helping Dom and his team fight against Dante. Fast and Furious 11. It’s hard to imagine Mr. Nobody’s daughter being introduced only to later disappear. There is still much to learn about Tess, and she is already a proven and loyal ally.

Fast X agency twists mean Tess has to turn Mr. Nobody back

The agency has been working with Dom and his family for a long time, but Mr. Nobody’s disappearance Quick X changed the dynamic within the agency. With Aimes revealed to be working with Dante, the agency finds itself in a dangerous situation that tests the loyalty of its agents. It is possible Fast and Furious 11 Tess finds herself looking for her father so they can team up against Aimes to take back control of the agency. Mr. Nobody was an important part Fast and furious franchise and Quick X agency twists make her disappearance even more suspicious.

After his return Quick Xof events will be easier. Dom and his family need all the help they can get. While Aimes is focused on working with Dante, Tess may find her father, depriving Aimes of the agency’s resources in the process. He’s good at finding people, and his injury allows Mr. Nobody to slow down his focus a bit. Mr. Nobody needs to come back to undo Ames’ corruption and help Dom – even if it’s just one last time. This is unlikely to happen Fast and Furious 11 Mr. Nobody leaves the absence unresolved, and he may reappear alongside Tess, fighting Ames and Dante.