Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story It premieres in May, and fans will see the younger characters of the older characters that the audience has fallen in love with. With the premiere Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story closed, Netflix released a short video introducing a younger version of fan-favorite character Lady Agatha Danbury. Adjoa Andoh. Young plays Lady Danbury Arcema Thomas. In the new music video, Thomas is dressed as Lady Danbury in a beautiful pink and lilac floral dress adorned with pearls. Knowing how much fans love Lady Danbury, streamer released footage of a young Danbury in January.

The Bridgerton The world is available on Netflix in 2020. The Regency-era drama dazzled audiences with its whimsical tales, introducing complex and charming characters such as the Duke of Hastings (Rej-Jan’s page), Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton)and of course Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie), but despite the tales of love for the younger characters in the Bridgerton universe, the older characters were left out of watching their younger selves fall in love. Well, love stories are being spun again, and this time it’s about her a favorite old heroine, Queen Charlotteexecuted by Golda Rocheuvel inside Bridgerton and Indian Amarteifio in the prequel.


Who is Lady Danbury?

Lady Agatha Danbury was introduced in the first season of Bridgerton as Simon Hastings’ mentor. Lady Danbury took over his care after his father disowned him. In Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story, young Lady Danbury is still finding her place in Bridgerton society. According to Streamer, young Danbury will also play a role A confidant and guide for Charlotte when he got used to life in the royal court.


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Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story takes the audience back to the beginning, before the days of many Bridgerton boys and bright yellow-clad Featherington girls. The the story follows young Charlotte (Amarteifio) and young King George (Corey Mylchrist) in early days of courtship and marriage. The story also explores Charlotte’s role as the queen-to-be and the pressure on her shoulders as she prepares to marry into the royal family.

The Bridgerton TV series adaptation Julia Quinn’s romance novels, but Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story This is a brand new tale made for Netflix. Shonda Rhimes serves as writer and executive producer. Betsy beer will serve as an executive producer alongside Rhimes Tom Verica who is in charge. Thomas also stars in the series in addition to Amarteifio and Mylchreest Michelle Fairley as Princess Augusta, Connie Jenkins-Grigg As Young Violet, Sam Clemmett Close as Brimsley, Freddie Dennis Like Reynolds, Richard Cunningham As Lord Bute and Tunji Kasim Like Adolf. Ruth Gemmell and Hugh Sachs repeats the roles.

Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story It premieres on Netflix on May 4. Meet young Ms. Danbury in the clip below: