Even though we’re constantly bombarded with superhero blockbusters and mega-franchises on our screens, sometimes it’s good to kick back and cuddle with a cozy movie. On this occasion, Blue Fox Entertainment reveals this to you Line correction is coming your way, and they’ve reached out to Collider to debut the first trailer for the star-studded film. Brian Cox (X2: X-Men United) and The walls of Sinqua (White men can’t jump). Now we can share this trailer with you.

trailer for Line correction making it clear that he does not shy away from depicting how mentally exhausting the life of a person living with drama can be. PTSD. In the story, John Colter (Walls) is a wounded veteran who is sent home to Livingston, Montana. After a series of disturbing episodes and panic attacksJohn decides to go fly fishing just for the heck of it and ends up making a surprising discovery.


Line correction Comforting, but dealing with serious topics

The Line correction the trailer also suggests that the film will tackle more trauma. The film is meant to depict grief, loss, and how certain relationships are only possible when connected people have relatable experiences. This comes in the form of other characters you play Perry Matfield (In the dark), Patricia Heaton (Medium), Chris Galust (Give me Freedom), Irene Bedard (How to blast a pipe) and Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans).

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More kind and special Logan Roy

The film also features a welcome performance from Brian Cox, who has become a social media sensation over the past few weeks for appearing in the final season of HBO’s Succession. Cox starred in the series Logan Roy, the owner of an entertainment conglomerate that sets the rules for business — and a difficult example for his heirs to follow. Although his character is ruthless throughout the episodes of Succession, in Line correction he seems like a doting grandfather who would have no problem spending long days with you.

Line correction director Joshua Caldwellused to steer Negative, Uncleanand television series Release. Screenwriter Stephen Cameliowho follows his screenwriting debut Push.

Line correction It will premiere in theaters on June 9. You can watch the trailer and check out the new poster below:

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Check out the official synopsis here:

Straightening the Line is a story about finding something worth living for. John Colter, a wounded veteran, returns to the United States bearing the demons of war, troubled by his everyday friendships and love interests. In Livingston, Montana, she meets Ike, a gruff, headstrong fly fisherman twice her age, and Lucy, a gifted photographer and librarian who reads aloud to veterans, both struggling in their own ways. As he heals his physical and mental wounds, Colter just wants to get back into the fold, do something to die for. But the real challenge is finding something to live on.