Boss Brendan Rodgers admits he needs to find new manager Leicester in summer.

The ancient Celtic chief celebrated four years. foxes It’s Sunday and he wants to make sure the club doesn’t go stale.

He lost his 200th game for which he was responsible on Tuesday – a shocking 2-1 loss to Blackburn in the FA Cup – and lost Leicester. Southampton Saturday.

they are three points above Premier League relegation zone and Rodgers knows the Foxes need a freshen up after this year’s relegation battle.

There are improvements we need to make on and off the field. Also, once you’ve been at a club for a while, which will be four and a half years by the time summer hits, you’ll almost have to assume a new manager’s mantra.

“You have to come and act as I did when I first arrived and reset all the values ​​and conditions of our business. They are still very strong, but I can say that more players will come during the summer.

“Once you’ve been at the club for a while, you have to come up with the new manager influence. That’s going to be the idea throughout the season. But long before that, now we have a big job to do.

Leicester and West Ham are the only teams in the last seven that have yet to change their manager this season – Saturday’s home Saints are currently the third boss of the campaign.

Rodgers is backed by chairman and owner Khun Top and knows the importance of stability.

“I am grateful and grateful that my previous work has been appreciated and we are able to work closely together even when it is not well,” he said.

“That’s when you see your board and the people who support you when things aren’t going so well. I am grateful that the club trusts my work and expects me to finish it.

“I hope my experience has been applicable to some as well. You see a lot of changes in the modern game, it happens all the time for various reasons, but you just have to go about your business.

“We’ve shown it’s great when we work well, when things don’t go so well you stay together, you show solidarity and you try to get through it.”