Brendan Rodgers Some Leicester fans insist they respect their opinion after calling for a leave during their disappointing 1-0 loss to relegation-fighting Southampton.

Carlos Alcaraz, who Southampton signed in January, scored the only goal of the game. A crucial 1-0 win for the SaintsAs Leicester had to grieve for what might have happened.

The Foxes took 11 shots, none of which were misses, throughout the game.

Kelechi Iheanacho wasted three, two headers and a shot into the crossbar, to the dissatisfaction of traveling support.

There were cheers for the replacement of Rodgers, but the manager remained calm.

“Listen, I respect opinions and that’s the point of the game,” he said. “I don’t underestimate any support from the board, I just do my best with what I have. This season has been very bumpy for us, it has been a tough fight for the fans from the first game.

“We have no signings and from our first home game against Brentford you felt it was going to be a tough season.

“I respect that they paid for it, they’ve come a long way, and they’re going to be disappointed.

My message is to just stay with the players, they gave their all and they’re going to need the fans.”

Ruben Selles wants the Southampton side to build on a win that lifts them off the table for the first time since the World Cup break.

“We have to try to gain momentum every time,” Selles said.

“We tried to gain momentum after the Chelsea game. Unfortunately we didn’t succeed, I think we did the opposite in the last two games.

“But we still have one more chance to gain momentum. We’re having a clean week.

“We have eight days to the game at Old Trafford. I think we can have a good week of learning and keep working on our process.”