Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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Round 13/71: Verstappen fell in 17th place. It has a new front wing and also on the middle tyres.

Round 12/71: “He didn’t give me any space,” Verstappen says on the radio after his little shunt with Hamilton. Let’s see what the referees will do…

Round 10/71: In its current form, Russell leads Perez (Red Bull) in second and Sainz (Ferrari) in third. Referees investigate Hamilton and Verstappen for a first-place reunion…

Round 9/71: Norris and Leclerc also touched each other, and the Frenchman slammed himself into the wall. But Leclerc was able to get back on track, so we got rid of another safety car.

Round 7/71: Wow! Russell leads the group to the start/finish straight as the green flag waves to restart the race. Verstappen has plenty of speed on the straight and from the outside, he’s trying to get past Hamilton into the first corner. Hamilton tries to close the door. Verstappen seems to have succeeded, but the drivers touch and Hamilton goes off the track… Verstappen arrives to replace his front wing, which was damaged while reuniting with Hamilton.

6/71. Type: The referees said they would investigate the incident where Ricciardo and Magnussen crashed. The security tool is now ending…

Round 4/71: Still a security tool. Anyway, it was the perfect start for Russell, as smooth as you want it to be.

Round 1/71: Safety car! Kevin Magnussen takes a spin and Daniel Ricciardo puts him on McLaren. Haas and McLaren were out of the race.

In the comments, they think Ricciardo is looking inside and Magnussen wants to slam the door.

When replayed, I don’t think Ricciardo thought there was a void inside. I could be wrong. The Haas F1 team looks disgusted.

“I’m afraid I have to give that 100% to Daniel,” says Martin Brundle.

The lights are out!

Soft start for Russell and Mercedes leading the lap one. Hamilton is also off to a strong start, following him into Turn 2.

there is hazy sunlight in São Paulo. There are also a few clouds in the sky and a thunderstorm is expected tomorrow. But it seems likely to stay dry.

Here is the formation tour.


1. George Russell

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Max Verstappen

4. Sergio Perez

5. Charles Leclerc

6. Lando Norris

7. Carlos Sainz*

8. Kevin Magnussen

9. Sebastian Vettel

10. Pierre Gasly

11. Daniel Ricciardo

12. Mick Schumacher

13. Zhou Guanyu

14. Valtteri Bottas

15. Yuki Tsunoda

16. Spear Ride

17. Esteban Ocon

18. Fernando Alonso

19. Nicholas Latifi

20. Alex Albon

*grill penalty

37 passes at yesterday’s sprint race, which bodes well for excitement here.

Pole-sitter George Russell speaks: “I feel good. It’s hard to know what the right strategy would be…

“If we get up to speed yesterday, we have a chance to win the race. Let’s go as fast as we can.”

Can Max Verstappen win? “The opportunity is always there,” he says live to Sky Sports F1. “We can’t really change the car, so we hit and missed a bit with the sprint weekend … we probably missed it. We’ll see how competitive we are.”

I hope Lewis brings him home.but I think maybe Perez or Verstappen can get something out of the woodwork,” Tinie Tempah told Sky Sports F1.

Giles Richards’ report from yesterday’s sprint race here:


The drivers’ title, which Max Verstappen took over a month ago, is long gone, but Mercedes injected a lot of intrigue into today’s Brazilian Grand Prix by locking the front row.

George Russell won Saturday’s sprint, taking pole position, and a five-place grid penalty for Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz means Lewis Hamilton is second on the grid. Red Bull’s world champion Verstappen will push his Mercedes rivals to the end, aiming for the first race win of the season.

Lights go out: 18:00 UK time.