Bob Odenkirk is playing Tommy Wiseau in the full-length remake Room. Wiseau gained infamy with his 2003 film Room, an attempt at a strong drama that was inadvertently perceived as a comedy and one of the worst films ever made. Like bad Room maybe it’s fascinating enough that it still plays on the screens at midnight. Adding to the film’s legendary status, in 2017 James Franco created a meta-movie about Oscar Bait. Room called Disaster artistin which he played Wiseau and recreated several of the film’s most memorable horror moments.

Now, another actor is ready to take on the challenge of following Wiseau Better call Saul star Odenkirk doing his own version Room.

As reported /Film, Odenkirk will play Wiseau’s character Johnny in the all-green screen remake. Produced by Action for a Cause, the film will benefit amfAR, the foundation for AIDS research. Odenkirk himself took to social media to confirm that he has been cast in a strange but worthy project, and indeed took it seriously, saying:

This is real. That’s true. And let me tell you, I tried my best to SELL every line as honestly as I could… and I had a BAST.

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The room continues to amaze after 20 years

Franco’s Disaster artist the film was more than just a meta-movie stunt, but felt like a genuine attempt to come to terms with the whole phenomenon. Room, a film that is objectively bad in some ways, but still compelling to watch. A lot Room’s enduring status as a “bad movie” is certainly down to it director and star Wiseaua truly strange but truly interesting figure, with an undeniable aura of mystery given his odd accent, odd looks, and mysterious history.

Odenkirk channels Wiseau in the full remake Room This is further evidence of the film’s continued resonance as a cult film. However, Odenkirk makes it clear that he wasn’t just making fun of the movie and was actually trying to sell every line as honestly as possible. It will be interesting to see what Odenkirk does with the character of Johnny Roombut whatever he delivers won’t be as mind-blowingly amazing as his brilliantly bad performance. Wiseau in the original.

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Source: /Film, Bob Odenkirk/Twitter