Shinji Mikami will be leaving Tango Gameworks, the studio he founded back in 2010. Mikami is best known for his work on The abode of evil series, as well as directing the 2014 survival horror game Evil is within and from Tango Gameworks. It is unclear what he will do next.

Mikami’s departure was officially announced from Bethesda on Twitter. After rumors of Mikami leaving Tango circulated earlier today, Bethesda later confirmed that the industry legend would be leaving the studio “in the coming months.” The publisher goes on to thank Mikami for his work “as a creative leader and supportive mentor” for young developers who have worked on games such as Evil is within and Hi-Fi Rush for Tango.

Neither Bethesda nor Tango gave a reason for Mikami’s departure. Additionally, Mikami’s next actions are also unclear. Bethesda simply wishes him “well-being in the future” and expresses excitement for what lies ahead for Tango Gameworks, without mentioning where Mikami will go next.

A gruesome scene of staged corpses in Shinji Mikami's horror film The Evil Within
Shinji Mikami was the sole director of Tango Gameworks in 2014 Evil is within.

Shinji Mikami originally founded Tango Gameworks back in March 2010, meaning he had likely been with the studio for over 13 years at the time of his departure. The first project of the studio was in 2014 Evil is within, directed by Mikami. The game was seen as something like a spiritual successor Resident evil 4featuring a similar over-the-shoulder perspective and a mix of action and horror gameplay.

I follow Evil is within, Mikami moved into a more production-oriented role with Tango. He was recognized as the executive producer of the next three projects of the studio, including Evil within 2which was directed by game designer John Johannas (who later returned to direct Tango’s the last project Hi-Fi Rush).

Whether Mikami will move to another studio, start a new company, or simply retire remains to be seen. Back in August last year during interview with Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi, Mikami said he hasn’t “properly made the game (he wants to)” yet, but he’s “slowly getting ready” to start the project. Could he have decided to do it on his own without Tango’s input? We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for Mikami as well as Tango. Stay tuned to learn more.