The the best Steam Deck screen saver will protect your portable gaming PC from scratches and bumps. The Steam Deck often played on the go, meaning he finds himself in more dangerous environments than usual gaming pc machine. You can’t always keep your console in a Steam Deck cover and it deserves protective measures to keep its 7-inch screen clean and pristine.

The screen protector acts as a sacrificial barrier to prevent any nasties from doing long-term damage to your deck’s display. The process of choosing the best screen protector is more complicated than you think. Valve decided to include an exclusive engraved anti-glare screen The 512GB Steam Deck means buying any old screen protector is out of the question, as most will just restore the display to your gaming experience.

Lucky for you, we’ve found the best Steam Deck Screen Protectors made specifically for the console. We’ve chosen these options based on their value for money, durability, and features, as well as having tested a few ourselves over the years. When you’re looking for a screen protector, be sure to check its hardness rating, whether it’s glossy or anti-glare, any extra features like applicators, and whether it fits any existing Steam Deck Accessories or a Steam Deck Docking Station.

Here are the best Steam Deck protectors:

1. Benazcap 2-Pack Steam Deck Protector

Best for those who want the best Steam Deck Screen Protector with a backup. Expect to pay $9.99 (£8.49)

Every now and then in this life, the old adage “cheap, fast, good – pick two” is thrown out the window, but miraculously it comes out unscathed. That’s because it was protected by a perfectly aligned protective screen from Benazcap.

That’s right, with Benazcap protective films it really feels like you can have your cake and eat it too. The amazing value package includes two screen protectors with a hardness rating of 9H and a thickness of just 0.25mm, providing long-lasting screen protection that won’t affect the touchscreen. To make it completely safe, there is also an installation kit. We highly recommend spending the extra pennies on this, it will work out cheaper if you screw it up. You can also purchase the package without it if you need more in the future.

This combination of protection, value and features makes the Benazcap offering our best Steam Deck Protector.

2. Dbrand screen protector

Best for those who want the most premium screen protector. Expect to pay $24.95. USA (with free UK delivery on orders over $30).

Sometimes you just gotta bend to the haters. Not satisfied with the wealth of more affordable options, you continue to look for something more luxurious. Dbrand helps you get the best premium Steam Deck Screen Protector.

Thanks to its ultra-slim design, you’ll hardly notice it’s there, which is why it’s premium. Polished edges are very nice when using trackpads, as thumbs often touch the edge of the screen. It’s not too expensive either, considering you get two great screen protectors that are very functional, making it our best premium Steam Deck screen protector.

3. Spigen tempered glass screen protector

Best for those who want the most durable Steam Deck screen protector. Expect to pay $15.99 (£15.99)

If you want the strongest screen protector and hassle-free use, then the Spigen tempered glass screen protector is a great choice. We’ve rated it at 9H on the hardness scale, so we know it’ll be a long time before you need to consider replacing the screen.

The oleophobic coating, which protects against fingerprints from the natural oil of your fingers, further strengthens it. To ensure absolute precision when applying the screen protector, Spigen has included an alignment tray to ensure the screen sits perfectly without touching it with dirty gloves.

4. Matte protective screen made of Magglass tempered glass

Best for those who want to protect their 512GB screen and keep an anti-glare display. Expect to pay $17.99 (£20.00)

Valve included a very attractive etched anti-glare display with their top 512GB model, and while it’s very nice, it’s also quite expensive to replace. Magglass’ matte screen protector is less expensive, and we chose it because it not only protects the display, but also does a great job of blocking out unwanted light that gets in the way of your game.

This could be a great option for those who are worried about the longevity of their screen, or who normally use their 512GB stick at home, but may be traveling somewhere and want some extra peace of mind. Whatever your reasons, you can’t go wrong with a Magglass matte screen protector.

5. JSAUX 2-Pack Anti-Glare Steam Deck Protector Screen Protector

Best for those who want anti-glare screens for the 64GB and 256GB Steam Deck. Expect to pay $14.99 (£12.99)

Considering how cheap the 64GB and 256GB Steam Decks are compared to their etched glass counterparts, you can continue to save money by opting for these great anti-glare screen protectors. While they don’t minimize reflections as well as the 512GB screen model, they do greatly improve the usability of your deck in adverse lighting conditions.

This does not compromise the strength of the screen protector as it also has a 9H hardness rating. Also included is a convenient applicator that takes any guesswork out of the equation, ensuring a nice and square fit. If you want anti-glare properties without breaking the bank, then JSAUX might be the solution for you.

6. Keruixin/SWANPOW 2-Pack Anti-Blue Light Steam Deck Protector Screen Protector

Best for those who suffer from eye strain when looking at screens. Expect to pay $7.98 (£4.99)

In a world where we spend more and more time staring at screens, some of us have discovered that the blue light emitted by displays can be a real pain for our eyes. It’s doubly insulting when after a hard day’s work, when all we want to do is curl up on the couch playing games, we can’t even look at our Steam Deck for fear of a migraine.

Manufacturer Keruixin (called SWANPOW in the UK) has a potentially perfect solution for our tired eyes. We’ve chosen these screen protectors because they subtly filter out potentially intense blue light to the point where colors on the screen barely look any different, delivering a 9H hardness rating.