Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

Looking for best sims 4 cc packs? Since its release in 2014, the iconic life sim community has worked tirelessly to create an almost endless amount of user-generated content to complement the game. The creators have even gone so far as to create entire content packs similar to the official catalogs released by EA.

It might seem impossible to even know where to start, which is why we’ve put in the hard work to make sure you find the best user-generated content you can download to play live right now. Most of the best Sims 4 CC packs featured here are Maxis Match CC, which means it was designed to match The Sims 4 art style and should fit seamlessly into it. We recommend reading our Sims 4 CC installation guide before attempting to apply these custom packs to your game.

Top Sims 4 CC Creators:

  • Felixandresims and Heyharri
  • Plumbob Tea Society
  • Ebonix
  • Illogical Sims
  • Littledick
  • peacekeeper
  • MLys

Sims 4 CC: A set of themed custom kitchen items for the home, including wine glasses, bar counters, objects and plants.

Felixandresims and HayHarry

Felixandresims and HeyHarrie are custom content creators who have teamed up to create some of the most gorgeous furniture sets available for Sims 4 players, and genuinely put Maxis to shame with how stylish and detailed their sets are. Below I’ve highlighted the four packages they’ve collaborated on, including kitchen, bathroom, garden, and children’s furniture, all of which can be downloaded for free.

Kitchen, you guessed it, is a 56-piece set of kitchen utensils, from plants to kitchen utensils, tables and built-in appliances. It also contains 64 meter sample options as well as new meshes and Maxis mesh changes to make sure the pack suits your style and current gameplay needs.

Sims 4 CC Bundles: Custom content for the kitchen, including different sized towel rails, mirrors and assorted toiletries.

With 94 pieces, The Bafroom collection is perfect for anyone looking for modern options for their Sims bathroom. Bi-fold doors and windows are especially good for creating open and spacious structures.

The Jardane is a 51-piece garden-themed set that specializes in transforming your outdoor space into a modern social hub, featuring seating, appliances, more plants, and even the slide we all know is the quintessential party. a piece.

Sims 4 CC: A set of new children's toys for little Sims, including a plush flamingo, a felted alligator, and a plush pink bunny.

In The Sims 4, kids tend to be left out a bit, so it’s always nice to see CC packs geared towards little nippers. The Tiny Twavellers set contains 67 items, including beds, furniture, decorations and toys. Special highlights include an incredibly detailed dollhouse and a stuffed crocodile that looks straight out of an Ikea catalog.

Recommended downloads:

Sims 4 CC: Custom content including photo frames, lunch tray, floating mug holder, and flower boxes.

Plumbob Tea Society

The Plumbob Tea Society is a collaborative group of content creators who have produced some of the most substantial and complete content packs for The Sims 4, and it’s a miracle they’re free. Each content pack released by PTS perfectly fills a content gap that has never been filled by official packs or expansions, and we’ve highlighted three of them below.

If you’re looking for a shabby chic solution for your Sims garden or outdoor space, the Cottage Garden Material Pack will help you… and more. Contains a staggering 171 items for your green-fingered Sims, including plenty of cozy clothing options, cute floral hairstyles, and more plants and flowers than your Nanny’s greenhouse. Fellow simmers who love nothing more than filling every available space in their home with plants raise their hands.

Sims 4 CC: Custom outdoor furniture and decorations for the Sims 4 wedding, including a welcome sign, table decorations such as flowers, candles, and garlands.

Village Romance is a wedding-themed set containing 70 items to help your Sims have a fun and charming way to spend their special day. The pack contains wedding clothes for all ages, hairstyles, wedding poses, furniture and decorations. The creators also took a Maxis approach to naming some of the packaging items, notably singling out the planters “Disaster Drapes” and “Forest of Regrets”. Oh no.

Finally, Plumbob Tea Society’s Stellar Stuff pack ditches all of the quirky and cute themes from the aforementioned two sets and goes downright otherworldly with a set of cosmic and sci-fi stuff. With a whopping 127 items, including galaxy-inspired cosmetics, hair, clothing, and plenty of space furniture. Sorry Journey to Batuu, but this is the sci-fi collection we deserve.

Recommended downloads:

Sims 4 CC: Sims can style their own hair with dreadlocks in a variety of colors, from red to blonde to purple.


Ebonix is ​​a maker of bespoke clothing, furniture, and accessories, but it specializes in black and brown hairstyles for Sims, an area that has been noticeably lacking in the main game since its release in 2014. Ebonix creations bring much-needed variety to The Sims 4, and look absolutely stunning to boot.

Recommended downloads:

Sims 4 CC: Stylish, minimalistic off-white living room with bookcase and large TV.

illogical sims

Illogicalsims is a content creator specializing in minimalist and modern user-generated content for The Sims 4, so if the previously highlighted rustic packs aren’t quite your cup of tea, then this might be for you.

Three packages of materials listed below; Minimalist Bedroom, Modern Living, and Fine Kitchen work so well together that we recommend downloading them all for the ultimate Sim minimalist chic. Each set contains 20 to 25 items to keep your builds neat and perfect for simmers who shudder at the sight of mess.

Sims 4 CC: A kitchen that matches the minimalist look of the living room, including a pull-out breakfast table attached to one of the kitchen units.

Because it doesn’t feel like a real home until it has a huge amount of Ikea furniture haphazardly built in, Illogicalsims has also created a “Simkea” set containing 45 pieces of Ikea-inspired furniture, including seats, kitchen counters, bookshelves, and desks. to give your home the authentic Flärdfull aesthetic.

Recommended downloads:


Littledica is another custom content creator specializing in creating elegant furniture solutions for your modern Sims. The three packages we have highlighted below are; “Eco Kitchen”, “Chic Bathroom” and “Modern Kitchen” contain fairly neutral swatches, which allows them to match most of the existing color palettes and styles, which makes them much more flexible for us compared to the elements of the base games, a little more messy in topics. .

Each set contains over 40 themed items, including appliances, counters, tables, lighting and decorations. Who needs hard drive space when we can download another modern furniture pack?

Recommended downloads:

Sims 4 CC: Dining room with colorful patterned decorations and furniture.


If you’d rather have a little more color and personality in your Sim’s interior, Peacemaker Custom Content Packs might be the way to go. Focusing on more art deco and futuristic themed items, each pack contains a range of grids with plenty of vibrant pattern options to add pop to your builds. Below we recommend three sets of Peacemaker materials; Vara’s Office, Serenity Bathroom, and Future Life packages that showcase Peacemaker’s unique style and distinctive creations.

Recommended downloads:

Sims 4 CC: Children's bedroom, furnished with wizard-themed items and decorations, including a banner featuring the Harry Potter coat of arms at Hogwarts.


Finally, and for something a little different from the above packs, MLys has created a “Pufferhead” stuff pack for your wizard-obsessed sims. This set contains incredibly detailed items set in the fictional universe of “Henry Puffer”, including clothes and decorations inspired by the four Harnock houses, as well as a selection of magically themed furniture and decorations to spruce up your Puffer’s rooms.

Recommended downloads:

That concludes our guide to the best Sims 4 CC packs and creators. If you’re desperate for some extra Sims 4 perks to keep you busy ahead of The Sims 5 release, our collection of the best Sims 4 mods has got you covered. we even have a list of the best Sims 4 sex mods if you’re looking for something a little more risqué. Finally, take a look at some of our predictions for the Sims 5 mods and Sims 5 cheats we expect to see in the upcoming sequel.