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There are literally hundreds of games available on Xbox Game Pass for all supported platforms, from Xbox consoles to PC. Sifting through them can be tricky, not to mention knowing which ones have multiplayer options, especially the co-op mode. Moreover, how can anyone know if they or their style is good?

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In these challenging times, when traditional communication is getting harder, why not choose to play co-op with a friend and start remembering those classic co-op games on Xbox Game Pass? With such an extensive and eclectic list at hand, you can’t go wrong checking out what’s available to you and see if it works.

Updated November 20, 2022 by Seth Parmer: Xbox Game Pass is an ever-changing organization, removing a lot of games each month but adding a few in the process, causing lists like these to change drastically from time to time. This is the reason for this update as we removed from the list many entries that are no longer on the service and added more games that we either viewed last time or added recently.


14/14 mine craft

Xbox Game Pass Co-op Minecraft Two protagonists jump out of a portal surrounded by Minecraft animals

It needs such a little description, but Minecraft is one of the best co-op games you’ll ever play. This is classic entertainment with so much to do that you will never get bored. Play sky blocks, vanilla, or just set your own challenges if you enjoy playing so much. However, Minecraft is perfect for those looking for an easy gaming session.

Minecraft is one of those games that almost every gamer has played, but you’d be surprised how few people actually own it, or even own the right one. That’s where Xbox Game Pass comes to the rescue, allowing you and a few friends to create your own fantasy worlds and create unforgettable memories.

13/14 streets of rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 cast

When originally announced, Streets of Rage 4 could have gone very well or become a total disaster that everyone will forget about in a few days, primarily due to how successful and loved the first three parts of the series were. Luckily, Streets of Rage 4 has surpassed all expectations, breathing life into a series that has been dormant for 26 years.

If you’re looking for a modernized take on the classic beat’em-up formula that somehow manages to give you what you want and need from the Streets of Rage title, then you should give it a try. There are no boring moments in Streets of Rage 4, and the exciting fights and wonderful characters prove that a new part is needed.

12/14 Untangle Two

Promotional art for Unravel Two

Yarni’s first adventure was such a surprisingly rewarding and addictive puzzle platformer that he got a co-op partner in the sequel, making Unravel Two one of the best co-op games available on Xbox Game Pass. While the game is incredibly family friendly at its best, it can be quite a challenge, especially in the bonus levels where the puzzle difficulty goes up to eleven.

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The great levels, intricate puzzles, and fun atmosphere of Unravel Two are more than enough to recommend it to anyone who wants to play solo. But with the addition of co-op play, we can’t recommend playing it with a friend as solving puzzles together and enjoying stunning visuals is second to none.

14/11 Dead space 3

Screenshot of co-op characters in Dead Space 3

Sure, Dead Space 3 isn’t even in the same league as the first couple, but when you’re playing with a friend, it’s a much more enjoyable experience. Despite losing the story that made the series shine, Dead Space 3 has its moments and isn’t bad enough to be unplayable.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many co-op survival horror games on the market, and while Dead Space 3 stretches the definition of the genre too far, it’s still a fun and rewarding experience, and even better with a buddy. .

14.10. Fall of man

Human Fall Flat characters hang from the end of a wrecking ball while another person lifts a crane

Human Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle platformer that is an absolute blast with friends, bringing the chaos of what’s in Gang Beasts and expanding it into well-designed levels that can get out of whack fairly quickly due to weird movement and paths. you interact with the environment. The inherent absurdity of the game will automatically make you and your friends giggle as you try to progress from mission to mission.

Physics-based games may not be to everyone’s liking, and that’s understandable. However, we encourage you to try out Human Fall Flat with a group of good friends, as you will no doubt be shocked by the maniacal laughter at how out of control the whole game has gone. This game has no limits on the kinds of degenerations you can do, which is what makes it so good.

September 14 Army of two

Screenshot of co-op mode in Army of Two

Army of Two is such a unique and special co-op experience that transforms an ordinary third-person shooter into pure fun and joyful chaos that cannot be described. While you can play it solo, we highly recommend that you do so and try it out with a friend, as this is where the real magic happens and takes this game from good to great.

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EA has received a lot of well-deserved praise for its unique co-op games It Takes Two and A Way Out, but Army of Two could be their first attempt at making a game that you can play with a friend. It’s day and night, the difference between pure entertainment and the fun you’ll feel when playing this game alone or with a friend.

8/14 Gears of War (TV series)

Mark Phoenix and his friends go into battle.

The entire Gears of War series is available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and all include online co-op for their campaigns, as well as full multiplayer, including competitive matchmaking and Horde mode. There’s no denying how impressive and influential this series has been over the years, and it’s still just as fun to play as it was then.

In addition, Gears of War is one of the best game series with a rich and emotional story, rich story and lovable characters. The gameplay is also extraordinarily fun and rewarding, and putting it all together in a cooperative setting takes it to the next level. If you haven’t played this series yet, give it a try.

7/14 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

master chief halo collection
via Xbox

As with Gears of War, you can’t go wrong with Halo, and The Master Chief Collection bundles every game in the series up to and including Halo 4 into one compact package, letting you experience one of the best and most influential franchises to take the world by storm. 21 years ago. When it comes to a unique co-op experience, Halo will create unforgettable memories for you and those you play campaigns with.

In addition to the endless hours of campaigns in the Master Chief Collection, you can also dive into each game’s multiplayer mode, giving you access to some of the best, most well-designed and popular multiplayer games of all time. Halo is a special series; if you haven’t experienced it yet, you need to change it ASAP!

6/14 Exit

A Way Out Screenshot of Leo and Vincent

Conversely, most of the games on this list need to be played in co-op. Players take on the roles of two criminals trying to escape from prison. Once they do, they get into all sorts of misfortunes as fugitives on the run. It includes a lot of puzzles and some action, as well as a lot of twists and turns that will keep you on your toes the whole time.

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A Way Out is certainly a unique experience, but not exactly one that opened up some new horizons, like a revolution. However, as a free co-op game, it’s worth a try for those co-op-ready gamers who love a bit of cheese in their games.

5/14 Stardew Valley

multiplayer game in stardew valley on the pier

Stardew Valley is a great game to play alone, but can be easily enhanced by playing with a friend as you can build your farm, explore and immerse yourself in the tranquility that the game brings together, creating a surreal and awe-inspiring atmosphere. an experience. Despite being a simulation RPG, Stardew Valley is exceptionally accessible and easy to understand, making it a great way to pass the time.

However, keep in mind that once you get hooked on this game, you will play it for a lot longer than you expected, which will naturally last longer when you play together with a friend. Stardew Valley is a vast and surprisingly deep game with something for everyone, so if you haven’t already jumped into it, give it a try and build your dream farm and family.

4/14 Overcooked 2

Best Cooking Games - Overcooked

This is one of the typical party games that can start the evening with laughter followed by screams. In other words, both Overcooked games can get pretty hectic. The deeper you delve into this kitchen co-op adventure, the more demanding your customers become. In addition, the level of the environment will become more and more hostile.

Everyone has their place and role in Overcooked 2. A timing outage can cause the once well-oiled ordering machine to explode in the blink of an eye. So yes, it can be stressful with a large group of four, but still worth recommending. Just learn to relax and unwind. Embrace the chaos and have fun until the end of the century with this game.

3/14 Tetris effect connected

Woodlands board in Tetris Effect: Connected

This is an expanded version of Tetris Effect that includes multiplayer in what was already a famous game. The music is still fresh and the visuals are great even without VR. Tetris Effect Connected offers fun and challenging co-op and versus modes, allowing you to challenge your friends to a game of Tetris or defeat the boss by clearing lanes in a timely manner.

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Tetris Effect Connected was a surprise when it was released, and it warms our hearts that it’s still working and getting the accolades it deserves. If you love Tetris, great visuals, and an amazing soundtrack, start playing this game immediately and make it even better by taking a friend on your trip.

2/14 Sea of ​​Thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves - poster image

There’s no denying that Sea of ​​Thieves had a rocky launch. There wasn’t much to do, but that didn’t stop people from jumping. It became more like a virtual hangout than a game where friends could travel the high seas in custom ships. Now there are even companion pets.

Since launch, Rare has added more “play” to Sea of ​​Thieves and hosts many events with unique cosmetic items and quests. Whether you’re on quests or just lounging around with your friends on voice chat, singing sea shacks, this is a great co-op adventure for Xbox players.

1/14 Deep Rock Galaxy

Deep Rock Galactic: A mining team crosses a deep chasm on a zipline

After years of early access, Deep Rock Galactic has finally been fully released in 2020, delivering a unique co-op experience centered around space dwarves mining rare resources on alien planets. Despite being a first-person shooter, Deep Rock Galactic is all about exploration, completing missions, uncovering secrets, and fighting aliens and other terrifying creatures.

The quirkiness, turmoil and mystery of Deep Rock Galactic are worth experiencing firsthand. While this game can be played solo and still be quite enjoyable, nothing compares to how exhilarating it is to play together with a group of friends, especially when things go wrong and you’re struggling to survive.

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