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Pokemon Unite offers more than just your traditional Player Vs. Player Experience (PvP) Boss Rush Offers Player Vs. Environment Mode (PvE) to test your favorite Pokémon and builds. Boss Rush is a great training ground if you’re looking for a quick way to learn the basics with friends before leveling up.

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However, Boss Rush is more than just a simple goal defense sim. This mode has a separate leaderboard where teams can test their tactics against other opponents for first place. The Pokemon Unite event calendar will be updated when the mode is typically available for a week or so during each “Rush” period.


ten Blissey is an egg for these hard times

Damage dealers rejoice as your best ranked buddy is here to take you through another teamfight., only this time against some giant Pokémon boss. Blissie’s great health, helpful assist moves, and constant healing make her a great player on any Boss Rush team looking to climb the leaderboard.

Egg Bomb and Soft Drink make for a dynamic damage/recovery duo that can fit into just about any team. Helping Hand provides a fantastic alternative for team compositions that have assigned their damage dealers and simply need to improve the abilities of those Pokémon in order to succeed. Ultimately, the best option will depend on your teammate’s choice, so coordinate with them whenever possible.

9 Delphox – terrible fiery fox

Delphox’s ranged attacks provide a great DPS support option for just about any team due to her infamous Fire Spin.. While its spin side effect is best used against human opponents, the sustained ongoing damage it deals is paramount to quickly deplete the boss’s health so your team can move on to the next target.

Mystical Fire provides on-hit cooldown reduction (CDR), while Fire Blast focuses more on burst damage. Any move should go well with your teammates. However, Mystical Fire might be preferable if you’re more interested in dealing consistent tick damage while your damage is on the boss, wiping out large chunks of health at once.

eight Trevenant – Juice and Sustain

The whole set of Trevenant created to be the destroyer of Boss Rush as his Natural Cure passive combined with Horn Leech deals devastating damage and massive healing, especially when that spooky tree is low on HP. Horn Leech makes Trevenant “unstoppable” and also restores HP, the more the lower your health.

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If you are a true team player, then Trevenant is the best choice for you, as any of his moves can be viable under certain circumstances. Curse and Horn Leech are probably your safest bet in Boss Rush and standard PvP modes. However, Trevenant strikes the perfect balance of resilience and damage to ensure success against any boss.

7 Duraludon – Welcome to the Duralu Dome

Duraludon is well equipped to take on anyone who dares to enter its area of ​​effect, especially after using its devastating Single Move, Spinning Destruction. Once his Unite is active, Duraludon can start dealing significant damage from multiple sources, as the initial beam gives Duraludon a shield and an 8% attack increase.. Any enemy within the radius also takes damage over time while Duraludon discharges with empowered basic attacks.

Going into cannon mode is usually Duraludon’s double-edged sword, as being still can spell doom, but not in Boss Rush. If your tank of choice draws the attention of a boss Pokémon, Duraludon should have no problem planting a magazine from a distance so that it doesn’t absorb any damage.

6 Slowbro – Stop and get scalded

Slowbro is able to switch between defense and offense effortlessly thanks to his flexible movements and strong stability.. Scald is preferred over Surf as the extra movement and pushing won’t be very noticeable against bosses. However, the Skald’s innate attack pairs well with the additional special defensive effects from his Obliviousness passive.

Amnesia makes Slowbro even more survivable, increasing Slowbro’s defense by 300 points and restoring almost a quarter of his health, allowing him to actively participate in the battle. The boss debuff and the buff itself make Slowbro one of the main Boss Rush Pokémon that can fit into almost any squad.

5 Glaceon – Onslaught of Ice

Unlike Slowbro, Glaceon is a fragile Pokémon that desperately needs a Protector or Support to withstand the boss’s attacks instead of itself. However, Glaceon’s exceptionally strong build options give him the perfect tools to deal massive amounts of damage quickly and consistently.

Deadliest Glaceon Combination Icicle Spear and Ice Shard, combined with his basic attacks, unleash a continuous stream of crystals, instantly destroying your opponent’s HP bar.. Once you’ve earned a combo, prepare to be hit by an endless barrage of shards hurtling towards your enemy.

four Snorlax – Sponge impact damage

Snorlax fits the same role as Slowbro. arguably does it better, dealing significant damage with the right build in addition to its great tanking ability.. In Boss Rush, stick with Block and Flail to give Snorlax the best chance of absorbing attacks for a few seconds before dealing unexpected damage to the Defender.

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As the battle rages on, the Flail becomes more powerful, increasing its damage for every 20 percent of Snorlax’s missing HP. Add crit chance with Scope Lens and Snorlax will drain health as fast as some attackers, making him an unexpectedly flexible tank.

3 Espeon – psychic silencer

Espeon might not look very intimidating, but this pink Eeveelution packs a lot of damage in a small package.. His Unite Move, Psychic Solaire, presents a major challenge in PvP games and offers useful burst damage against bosses.

Psyshock and Future Sight are a devastating combo, as the latter deals increased damage against locked targets. Since the boss will be the only target around, this gives Espeon an advantage as the damage bonus will be active almost always, making this powerful pint-sized powerhouse one of the best.

2 Gardevoir – Espeon’s best psychic

Like his fellow psychic type, Gardevoir also comes with Future Sight to deal massive damage over time while it continues to negate basic attacks.. However, Gardevoir’s Future Sight’s cooldown resets on a successful hit, which is a different but equally useful effect from Espeon’s.

However, Gardevoir’s Psyche gives the same result as Espeon’s Special Attack buff, as Psychic will reduce the target’s Special Defense by 20 percent each time, up to a maximum of 60 percent. A better idea might be to use Gardevoir in tandem with Espeon, as both sets provide great synergy for their partner, creating a powerful psychic core.

one Sylveon – Destruction at arm’s length

This Fairy-type Eeveelution dominates its peers with the damage boost from its Adaptability ability, pairing perfectly with Calm Mind and Hyper Voice.. While you can use Wither Kiss for extra healing, it’s hard to miss Calm Mind’s 40% special attack buff, especially when combined with Hyper Voice.

Hyper Voice deals more damage the farther away the target is. Because the Boss Pokémon’s position can be manipulated relatively easily, Sylveon will constantly benefit from this damage increase. In addition, Hyper Voice also provides a Special Defense Repulse that caps at 80 percent, unlike Gardevoir, which caps at 60, although Sylveon lasts 1.5 seconds rather than Gardevoir’s four seconds. While the best Pokémon may depend on your teammate’s choice, Sylveon offers some of the most powerful and versatile uses for budding Boss Rush champions.

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