Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

President Isaac Herzog has officially asked Israel’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government.

The move will bring the longtime leader back to power after a one-year hiatus — at the head of what is expected to be the country’s most right-wing coalition ever.

“I want to thank all 64 Knesset members who recommended me [for prime minister]”, said Netanyahu.

“We will do everything to make this, with God’s help, a stable government, a successful government, a responsible government, a committed government that will work for the benefit of all residents of the State of Israel, without exception.”

With allies eager to gain power, Netanyahu is likely to seek to wrap up the negotiations quickly.

He and his ultra-Orthodox and ultra-nationalist allies emerged as clear winners this month in elections — which voters hope will end Israel’s political gridlock that has led to five elections in less than four years.

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