i am white believes Arsenal‘s hard work throughout the season meant they deserved their last breathless win against Bournemouth which puts them five points ahead at the top. Premier League

Gunners came two goals behind chief nelson came out of the bench to score a stunning goal at the time of injury To get a 3-2 win at Emirates Stadium.

Philip Billing gave the visitors an early shock by breaking the lockdown with just 9.11 seconds on his watch, turning the second-fastest goal in Premier League history.

The Year of Marcos doubled the lead with a header before the Arsenal fight began when Thomas Partey touched home three minutes before the clock tick.

White then scored the first Arsenal goal to level the game before Nelson provided the moment to remember in the dying embers.

Mikel Arteta’s team has scored a winning goal in the 90th minute or after for the third time in their last six games, and it’s no coincidence for White.

“This is football, the emotions of the game and the different ways it can go,” he told Arsenal Media.

“I think it all depends on the kids and how we work every day, this is a result we totally deserve.

“We continue to build and win games every week and today we achieved that… We keep playing, playing as we play and goals will come.

“(Scoring the equalizer) was incredible. It was Reiss who crossed the line for me, so I’m very grateful.”

Nelson was introduced for his first appearance since mid-November, while also returning to fitness from a thigh injury.

The 23-year-old is the player with the most goals scored by a substitute in the league this season, despite only playing three times in the league so far.

“I didn’t start the game, but I gave instructions and did it to get as many one-on-one opportunities as I could to play forward, to create things,” Nelson said.

“It’s great to celebrate that with the fans and the support we’ve received, so hopefully we can continue this in the next few games.”

For most of the game, Bournemouth appeared on course to push themselves out of the relegation zone, but remained at the bottom of the stack after Nelson’s recent exploits and Southampton’s win over Leicester.

“My first thought and feeling was that I was clearly devastated by the final goal,” said manager Gary O’Neil.

“It came too late and it won’t hit like that very often, it was a big blow. It’s a hard place to come, they have great players and they are very well run.

“We’re a little behind from getting a point from the league leaders, there’s definitely something to that. From where we’ve been in the last few years and where we’re trying to get to, it’s a huge effort to push them as close as we are.”

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