England Captain Ben Stokes He believes teammate Harry Brook is already waiting to replace him as the world’s greatest six batter. cricket testa record he has had for only 48 hours.

Stokes’ task is to usurp the coach Brendon McCullum A fun subplot has been at the top of the list since the pair were brought together by cricket director Rob Key last year.

Versatile was equal to McCullum’s high watermark of 107. Pakistan Before Christmas and on the third day of England’s 267 lap win at Mount Maunganui, it was clear on the top, throwing Kiwi sailor Scott Kuggeleijn over the slender leg.

This moment brought a round of applause and a broad smile from the man he pushed into second place, and Stokes celebrated with another hit on the next ball.

No one knows how far he will go, but he thinks he shares the same dressing room with the man who will surpass him.

Yorkshireman Brook had an illuminating start to his international career, winning player of the match in each of his last three games and scoring three centuries in his first eight innings.

He’s also cleared the ropes 15 times already and averaged three sixes per Test.

“I was flying this over the ropes because I didn’t think it would go,” Stokes said of his 108th max.

“When he left, it was like I had taken Brendon off my shoulder and dropped him to the ground. He said ‘well done’ to me and I said ‘Brooky will probably break this trend in the next 20 games’. I don’t think it will last very long if Harry Brook is on the sidelines, which I guess will be much longer.”

And with a staggering 77.87 average with a batting rate of 96.88, the 23-year-old is unlikely to back down from the challenge.

A brutally clean ball striker, he has been authorized to shake hard by the current regime and is now reaping the fruits of that optimistic outlook.

“I’ve said it several times, our freedom to go out and hit is extraordinary,” he said.

“I’ve never felt like this before. I feel like I can go out and do whatever I want. Even if there are still people at the border, I’m allowed to try to clean them up. The amount of freedom is remarkable.

“It’s been fun. I’ve played five games so far and enjoyed every single one of them. Frankly, I haven’t lost yet, that makes everything better. We play in a very positive style, we take bowlers and look for goals. I think you missed more when you hit. you’re getting rid of the little inner edges.