The fight to prevent the expansion of the Dark Fold can be difficult, therefore Ben Barnes making sure there is a video to relax after the action. in a new feature film celebrating the release of the second season of Shadow and bonean actor can be heard reading a passage Leigh Bardugoof Siege and storm. As the second novel in the main Grishaverse saga, Siege and storm Adapted for the second season of the Netflix fantasy series. The actor speaks in a soft voice throughout the video, as he stands for ASMR, the Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response.

Barnes will reprise his role as the Darkling in the new season Shadow and bone and after being defeated by Alina Starklov (Jessie Mei Lee) during the events first season, he is determined to seek revenge and fulfill his goal of plunging the entire world into the darkness of the Dark Layer. The consequences of the struggle between good and evil are visible on the hero’s face, as he is badly injured when he returns in this new adventure. Kirigan must gather the largest army possible, because Alina counts with many allies who believe in her power as a Sun Summoner.


The new season also features the return of Archie Renaux In the role of Mal Oretsev, Alina’s best friend and protector. Although earlier episodes of the show introduced the pair as trusted childhood friends, there was always a noticeable romantic tension between them. These feelings are learned throughout new chapters, the bond between Alina and Mal deepens as the danger that follows them wherever they go becomes stronger and more deadly. The pair will do whatever it takes to stop the Darkling from taking control of Grishaverse, even if it means sacrificing what they hold most dear.

Ben Barnes
Image via Netflix

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Could the Grishaverse be expanding on Netflix?

If you were a fan Shadow and bone As the series premieres on Netflix in 2021, there may be some good news regarding the beloved fantasy world. Eric Heisererthe showman behind the television Adaptation of Bardugo’s novelsteased how recently A spin-off featuring the Crows is being developed and can be sent to production in the new season Shadow and bone turns out to be a success for the network. The future of Grishaverse is in the hands of the fans this time.

The second season of the show is currently available to stream on Netflix. You can watch the full ASMR video featuring Barnes below: