Ben Affleck understands the bad conditions around him Justice League a remake of the film directed by Joss Whedon. The actor spoke in depth about how the situation affected him personally. 2017 year Justice League the film was released in theaters as a completely different film than the original director Zack Snyder intended to make. Due to a number of factors, Snyder left the role Justice Leaguedirector of Warner Bros The Avengers Director Joss Whedon will remake the film. This is where the controversy in the film comes from.


talk to The Hollywood ReporterAffleck spoke about his negative experience throughout Justice Leaguereshoots of Affleck’s Batman Movie Plans the actor became depressed after having what he described as “Worst experience I’ve ever had, in a business full of some horrible experiences.” According to Affleck, the experience was so negative that it bled into his personal life, the actor chose “drinking too much“Because it was the only way to cope”jump out the windowAffleck has since recovered and returned as Batman this year Flash. Check out the full quote below:

I was going to direct a Batman movie and ( Justice League ) made me go, ‘I’m gone. I never want to do that again. I don’t fit in.” It was the worst experience I’ve ever had, full of bad experiences. It broke my heart. There was this idea of ​​someone (Joss Whedon) coming in, like, “I’m going to save you and we We’ll shoot for 60 days and I’ll write everything you have. I have this secret.” And it was no secret. It was difficult. And I started drinking a lot. I got back to the hotel in London and it was either that or jump out of the window. And I just thought, “This is not the life I want. My children are not here. I am unhappy.’

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How has DC changed since the ill-received Justice League?

James Gunn in front of members of the DCEU Justice League

Warner Bros. and DC Studios went in a new direction with hopes of having a new The DCU wraps up the Snyderverse nicely, leaving any baggage from the era of DC films in the past, allowing the emerging DC universe to flourish. After underperformance Justice League the former DCEU was in disarray at the worldwide box office, with the studio lacking a clear direction for the universe. The DC hero who was Superman was left out, and Henry Cavill didn’t know where he stood as the Man of Steel.

After returning as Superman in 2022 Black Man For a post-credit scene, Cavill discovered two months later that he was out again. Cavill was not fired from Superman, he did not renew his contract with DC Studios. The newly formed DC Studios is led by James Gunn and Peter Safran, who hope to transform the DC Universe into a cohesive shared universe in the vein of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that honors the original adventures of DC characters in the comics. The duo has an 8-10 year plan for the DC Universe.

The plan revealed its first 10 projects with an official announcement made by Gunn in January. The DC executive talked about what projects will begin the “First Chapter” of the DC universe. Gunn announced the Elseworlds moviesor movies that aren’t meant to be canon will be a side of the new DC Studios. The is batman The universe written by Matt Reeves fits this description. With new projects for heroes like Superman, Green Lantern and Batman, the new DC universe is ready to forget the failure. Justice League movie.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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