despite Previous reviews by a DC Studios colleague James Gunnformer Batman star Ben Affleck Not interested in directing a DC movie. during the conversation with The Hollywood Reporterthe star also talked about the future Flash Looking like a dark knight.

Affleck played the world’s greatest detective Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicethe second chapter Zack Snyderis ambitious DC Extended Universe story line. Affleck’s interpretation of Batman was a big hit with fans who didn’t like the Dark Knight, who killed his enemies without a second thought. Again, after 2017 Justice League and 2021 Zack Snyder’s Justice League, many of us have learned to love Affleck’s outrageous take on his beloved character. However, since the discovery of Warner Bros Gunn and named Peter Safran As co-head of DC Studios and tasked them with creating a new cohesive storyline with DC characters, with the new star expected to wear a cape and cape.

With so many fans saddened by Affleck’s retirement from Batman, Gunn quickly revealed that the new DCU star is considering giving the star a director role for a future project. Since then it would have made perfect sense Affleck was expected to direct Batman before Matt Reeves received compensation for the project. Keeping Affleck in the new DCU will help appease fans still unsatisfied with the soft reboot. Unfortunately for DC Studios, Affleck doesn’t seem interested in directing the upcoming DCU movie. In Affleck’s words:

“I (James) Gunn wouldn’t direct something for DC. Absolutely not. I have nothing against James Gunn. Nice guy, he really does a great job. I just didn’t want to go in and act the way they did. I’m not interested in that.”

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Everything we know about the new DCU so far suggests that Gunn will be involved in every future project across film and television, and even wrote both. Superman: Legacy and Animal commandos. So it’s fair to assume that Gunn and Safran want complete control over the DCU, ensuring that their new stories are free of plot and conflict. While their approach is easy to understand, it seems that Affleck would have preferred more creative control if he were working as a director. It’s an understandable stance, even if it’s sad to learn that Affleck is parting ways with DC for good.

Ben Affleck says goodbye to Batman Flash

Even though Affleck won’t be directing any DCU projects anytime soon, he still donned a Batman costume for an appearance. Flash. Starring Ezra Miller As the Scarlet Speedster, Flash promises Rewrite the DC timeline, giving Gunn and Safran the perfect excuse to soft reboot the universe. Thanks to the multiverse shenanigans, Flash with multiple Batmans included Michael Keaton and Affleck returns to the role. Commenting on his return to The Flash, Affleck said, “I finally figured out how to play that character (Batman) and I think about him. Flash. For the five minutes I was there, it was amazing.”

We see Affleck as Batman one last time Flash Race to theaters on June 23, 2023.