“They’re still louder than any of the people who hate him.”

Beginning with its premiere on January 15, The end of us has rightfully received a lot of love and acclaim, especially from fans of the survival horror game it’s based on. However, when Bill and Frank’s surprising yet sad love story was introduced in episode 3, fans were, to put it mildly, divided on whether or not the show should feature an odd storyline. Of course, Bella Ramsay— who recently became non-binary — defended the show against homophobic criticism and even offered advice to fans “used to.” Despite the derogatory comments online, Ramsey remains optimistic about it because of the love and support from the “gay army,” which is louder than the “homophobic trolls.”

The end of us The HBO series, which has always been quirky and praised by many fans for exceeding expectations, has stuck to that. in a recent interview with ComicBook.com’s Last of the Pods on the podcast, Ramsey praised the “gay army” of supporters for defending their character Ellie and the series as a whole. They said:

“I swore with me Craig Mazin (The end of us Series creator) I wasn’t going to look at the comments and I feel like I’ve opened up on that vow a bit over the past few weeks. I’m very aware that there’s an army of gay people on Twitter who support me and Ellie, and they still far outnumber the people who hate her or hate the show, the homophobic trolls. It’s nice to have that army behind me. It was a reaction I really liked.”

Photo by Annamaria Ward

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Aside from the gay army, Ramsey added that he loves seeing the reactions of gamers to the show, and it’s even better to get love and praise from the gamers themselves. “It’s the most reliable way to hear from beloved players who have invested so much in this game to say, ‘It’s great, and it lives up to and exceeds all my expectations.’ The thing is, it’s a reaction that feels great.”

What is this The end of us About?

The end of us Cold follows Joel, a survivor (Pedro Pascal), ordered him to turn Ellie over to the Fireflies militia group so they could develop a vaccine from her immunity to the infection. Although their initial meeting is chaotic, their bond grows stronger as the series experiences various joys, dangers, and losses.

The first season The end of us It’s coming to an end, but fans can definitely look forward to a second season after the renewal announcement. The ninth and final season premieres Sunday, March 12 at 9:00 PM ET on HBO and HBO Max. You can watch the episode 9 trailer below.