“I’ve never seen a game like this and I’m so glad I didn’t.”

HBO The end of us has been one of the most watched and talked about TV shows in recent times. Based on the PlayStation game of the same name, the series has proven to be a faithful adaptation of the original video game. Much of this comes from the show’s adherence to the source material Craig Mazin and Neil Druckman – the actors who created the game and brought the playable and non-playable characters to life.

Named after the most recent episode of the series Stay behindthe star of the series Bella Ramsay Ellie spoke about the change in reaction she saw from viewers when she realized she had been bitten. After Joel (Pedro Pascal) wounded by intruders at the University of Colorado, Ellie is determined to find supplies that can help her. In the 2014 game and series, we’re treated to a flashback that explains how he got infected. A Special Night at the Boston Mall with Riley (Storm Reid) comes to a sad end when the pair are Infected and attacked by lice. While Ellie’s character in the game was horrified to find out about the infection, the on-screen image was quite different.


When talking about Ellie’s reaction to the infection DiversityRamsey explained that not seeing the original reaction forced him to follow what was written in the scripts:

“I haven’t seen such a game and I’m glad I didn’t.” After that, I realized that I had a different reaction to how Ellie would react in the game. I think it was more explosive and there was more anger than fear. I think Ellie’s response is that she feels so strongly that she doesn’t know what to do. It will be very external and expressive and explosive. It was great. I had a lot of faith in Craig and director Lisa (Johnson) to guide me that way. I loved this scene. I like scenes where things feel really intense because you don’t get to do that in a super safe place. It was great to get this opportunity.”

Ellie (Bella Ramsay) and Riley (Storm Reid)
Image via HBO

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Ellie’s reaction to being infected is in tandem with the mouthy teenager we fell in love with in the first season of the series. Perhaps focusing on anger rather than fear will motivate her to find the help Joel needs to get back on his feet and continue his journey. As faithful an adaptation as the series has been thus far, Mazin and Druckman’s creative minds have not shied away from making changes to better tell the story where and when they saw fit. change to Jackson residence Another example in the sixth part. Overall, the series continued to impress.

The end of us returns with its eighth episode on Sunday. Watch a preview of the episode below: