Exploring the castle and fighting enemies can quickly become a chore as you try to find the throne. However, navigation Little witch Nobet can be challenging as you try to find magic, fight monsters, and figure out which paths to take. With that in mind, you’ll want to find the best tips to beat the game.

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Since the game falls under the Soulslike genre, it can be a rough experience when the game ends when you least expect it. However, you can make your experience more manageable, so see what you can do to cover more bosses and see what the game has to offer.

Manage your stamina and use it

Nobeta is fighting the Mysterious Ghost Armor and running away from one of his attacks in Little Witch Nobeta.

In addition to health and mana, you have stamina meter you must use to work well. You can use it in a variety of ways to help you get through the castle and find the throne.


What does it do?

How to use it

When not to use it


This allows you to go from a walk to a sprint, saving a ton of time more than twice your movement speed.

Use it to save time on reaching different locations or during platforming.

Do not use it if there are enemies in the area. You need to book yours Endurance for Dodge Rolls.

Running Jumps

You can jump while sprintingallowing you to jump further than you could without sprinting.

Always use this when working on the platform. If you don’t, you will fail without reaching the performance. It makes a significant difference and will make jumping easier.

Dodge Rolls

You make a roll that allows you to avoid attacks using invincibility shots.

Save it for when you can’t put a wall between you and the enemy. Wait for their attack and use it just before the attack reaches you to avoid damage. Hitting him directly when he reaches you will not give you invincibility.

As a general rule, you don’t need this if you don’t have any enemies. You also cannot flip in the airso make sure you’re on the ground before trying to dodge the attack.

your Stamina recovers quickly if you don’t use it, then try to use it sparingly. Don’t let it expire as it will cause it to take longer to refill.

Explore and look around

Nobeta hits a switch to open a metal door in Nobeta's Little Witch.

Even though there are some ways to get to the boss and continue the game, you’ll want to explore the castle. It will benefit you a lot.


What does it do for you?

Search for levers

You can open paths to previous areassaving you the time to go back if you want to find something else.

Search for treasure chests

Treasure chests can have consumables, collectiblesand even magic levels to boost your powers.

Search for consumables

You can use them for restore your healthmana and even boost defense.

Speaking of which, you should break all the pots and other broken items in the area. Many have consumables, so you’ll always have healing items available.

Most of checkpoints in this game, place pots or crates near them, so refer to them if you end the game and run out of items.

Prioritize your supplies

Nobeta opens a treasure chest in the castle and finds a weak protection crystal in Little Witch Nobeta.

Speaking of consumables, you should learn which ones to prioritize when fighting enemies and going through battles. Because you can carry only four at the same time, you must understand which ones are the most important among your options, prioritizing them accordingly.

  • Healing items: they heal a certain amount of health. You’ll want to prioritize these items as they heal you as soon as they activate.
  • Mana items: Same as healing items except your mana. They’re nice, but it won’t matter as much if you leave them on improved mana regeneration.
  • Stat boost items: You can temporarily increase your defense and similar stats. Save them for battles with bosses to minimize your losses and survive the battles.
  • Subjects of the region: they restore your health or mana, but only if you are standing in the zone you place on the ground. You’ll want to save them for battles with bosses since you are fighting in the same arena.
  • Healing items with corruption: Same as healing items and mana, except they deal damage to you.

In general, you should avoid items with corruption when possible How much they will reduce soul essence you save if you die. While you may not have to worry about corruption, if you’re recently dead or have great stats, you’ll likely need soul essence.

On the other hand, if you keep dying bossyou may not mind using damaged items, so consider your circumstances before making your choice.

Listen to music and look ahead

Nobeta enters the corridor and approaches the first boss in Little Witch Nobeta.

Each area has sequential music which plays even when you are fighting enemies. You won’t see much of a difference until you enter the new loadout and area, but you will notice when the music fades out. As you approach an important point there is music in the game cuts outletting you know you should wait for a cutscene and potentially a boss fight.

With that in mind, you should wait before approaching the moment without music. You can look for items nearby for a potential boss fight or wait for yours health, mana and stamina restore. You don’t want to go into a fight with low meters, so hang around for the best chance of winning the fight and surviving.

You will slowly restore your health and mana over time. If you know you have no enemies nearby, you can leave the game alone until you are fully healed.

Attacking in the air is for movement, not combat

Nobeta lands on her feet after falling from a great height in Little Witch Nobeta.

The game lets you perform staff attacks in the air, although you don’t want to use them for combat. However, you won’t deal much damage to the enemy with your physical attacks endowing them with the power of magic can make a difference.

However, you will get additional distance on your air movement if you perform physical attacks in the air. With this in mind, follow these steps when performing complex jumps.

  • Start with sprint to where you want to jump.
  • Do the jump with the next one wind double jump during the sprint.
  • Attack once to transport yourself a little further. Do a second attack if you need even more distance.

Because attacks stop you in the air you can increase the distance enough to reach the platform. Not only can you make jumps easier, but you can coverage area you usually couldn’t.

In addition to increasing distance, you can use it right before you hit the ground to avoid tripping. Generally, if you reach the ground from a great height, you fall into a drop animationwhere you need to climb a little.

However, if you attack right before you hit the ground, you will land on your feet and it doesn’t take forever to get up. This is more important because you can fall down around enemies and they will attack you if you don’t get up fast enough.

If you mistimed the attack, you have second attack you can use further down. Point the camera down to see when you reach the floor. If it fails, enemies can attack you, but you can exit the animation if you have the stamina.

Move the camera to the maximum distance

A collage of Nobeta standing in a corridor with light beams and another image of her running through the castle in Nobeta the Little Witch.

The game doesn’t make it clear, but you can change the camera distance in the settings. At first it will be on your shoulder, but if you zoom out, you will get many benefits.

  • You can see more enemies.
  • You will see where off-camera projectiles arrived from
  • You can increase yours viewing distancewhich allows you to find various items and consumables.

There is no advantage to keeping the camera nearby, so immediately change this setting and get used to it. You just have to walk up to the camera and set it up five, the maximum distance. Even though this may seem unnecessary at first, it will become clear why this is important as you fight more enemies and get deeper into the game.

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