Jake Paul challenged tommy anger A ‘two or nothing’ payday ahead of Sunday’s boxing match – a deal the latter’s father quickly accepted as his son remained silent about it.

Former boxers Paul and Fury – half-brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson – from YouTuber They will be fighting each other in Saudi Arabia this weekend.after two unsuccessful attempts to play the match.

Paul, 26, is 6-0 professionally with four knockout wins, including victories over former UFC stars Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Fury is 8-0 (4 KOs).

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday (23 February), Paul said: “He’s a good boxer, but not a great one, and his lack of defense and head movement will be revealed on Sunday.

“When Tommy says, ‘I’ve done this all my life,’ it means nothing. I’ve always worked harder than any of my competitors, I’ve worked harder, and I want that more. I have more of a ‘why’, more of a purpose. I am Tommy’s ultimate target; this is the biggest opportunity of his life, he had never been on a stage like this before, he had never gotten a payday like this – he was getting paid like a peanut by comparison.

“To me it’s a speed bump and a piece of cake. I trust him: he’s fast, he’s tall, he’s got strong, inflatable arms – I don’t even know how his arms got like this – (but) he has no legs, he’s too heavy. S*** looks like a Michelin guy or something.

“But there’s nothing he can do to stop me, he has no strength. He hasn’t been able to knock out the cabbies he’s been put there with. He’s never landed there with someone who wasn’t there to lose. He’ll jump into the deep waters and drown, I promise.”

The American continued, “The only time he wanted to get in the ring was when I raised the coin. I think we’ll make a deal: If you win, I’ll pay you twice what I’ve already paid; but if i win, i get everything i paid you

While Briton Fury ignored the offer, his father John immediately accepted.

Fury’s father, John, accepted Paul’s offer of two or no paydays.

(Getty Images)

Earlier, Tommy Fury had said: “I’m ready to put all that aside because for the past two years, I’ve been saying, ‘When are you fighting Jake Paul?’ Even mentioning my name (with him) in the same sentence would be disrespectful to me who has been boxing my whole life.

“I’m going to knock this guy out clinically early. Sunday night, you have a fresh, young, 23-year-old – a decent, legitimate fighter – to keep you in and out of the ring. I’m not for the light, the camera, the action; it’s in my heart, my blood, and my soul. you will feel.

“When you get a blow to the head in the opposite corner, when the blue lights (when you see it) wake up, you’ll know what boxing is. There’s a real fighter here and he’s coming to blow your head off. You fall asleep in four rounds. I’ll drive you away. You shouldn’t be sitting here right now; it’s bad for you, blow your ticket you flew, you should have kept making easy money and fighting old men.”

As the two stood up and played a push-up, Fury told Paul: “You’re a whole house, I’m kicking you out in the first round.”

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