Electronic Arts starting June 1 will make changes to the prices of Battlefield Currency.

Available for the first time in 2019, the virtual currency can be used to purchase cosmetic items for weapons, vehicles and Battle Pass items in DICE’s shooter series.

“This is part of a decision here at Electronic Arts to adjust the prices of live service purchases after assessing their impact on current global economic fluctuations.” — EA said.

Battlefield 2042 | Development Update: Season 4

“Adjustments are made in countries where BFC is available for purchase worldwide. Many see no change, some see increases, while others will see price cuts, reflecting our approach to balanced pricing regardless of currency.”

EA did not provide a list of updated prices, instead asking players to check with their local stores or the EA Help website for more information on the upcoming changes.

For the latest in the series, Battlefield 2042, Battlefield Currency prices on consoles currently start at $4.49 / £3.59 for 500 BFC and go up to $89.99 / £71.99 for 13,000 BFC.

Bungie recently discovered is planning to raise the prices of the Destiny 2 Season Pass starting with Season of the Deep, which launches today.

Earlier today, former Battlefield creative director Lars Gustavsson announced the creation a new development studio called TTK Games.

The co-founder is four EA DICE veterans, a studio from Stockholm, Sweden, said it has “secured significant funding combined with creative freedom” and is currently working on a next-gen online shooter.