Battle Chasers is a comic book series from Joe Madureira The ninth issue ends with a cliffhanger, and issue #10 never follows the day of release. Until now. Image Comics has announced that it will soon be published Battle Chasers #10 at local comic shops June 14th. The comic is written by Madureira with artwork Ludo Lullaby and it looks great! I have never heard of it Battle Chasers before, but based on the preview (embedded below) I’m really looking forward to reading it. This art is absolutely killer.

Battle Chasers #10 promises fans an amazing new story with game art and Lullaby comics. In this new story arc titled Martial Law, readers will be introduced to the bloody tale of retired swordsman Garrison and fugitive Red Monica as they face off against the Maestro’s gang of superhuman assassins, the warrior paladins!

To talk io9Madureira shared:

The level of excitement that still exists decades after the original release of Battle Chasers has amazed me over the years. With the success of the Battle Chasers Nightwar game and the ongoing TV show, it was the perfect time to drop new books. Working with these characters again heals a part of my soul, and Ludo’s art is so amazing that I can’t wait to get it in the hands of readers.

In case you missed it too Battle Chasers, do not be sad. You can read now Battle Chasers Anthology You can get paperbacks at your local comic book store, bookstore, or wherever you like to buy comics. There is also a video game called Warriors: Night War based on the comics available on mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and phone Xbox One (affiliate link) and a TV show is on the way. Are you excited for the return of Battle Chasers? Do you want to enter it for the first time?