Batman returns Villain Max Shrek is helping actor Christopher Walken finally reach a LEGO milestone. Walken has one of the most diverse bodies of work in Hollywood, with the actor appearing in many high-profile roles throughout his illustrious career. Walken will be a new part Batman returns The Batcave LEGO set, featuring Max Shrek, Catwoman’s former boss and Penguin’s former ally, finally gave him a big break at the toy company.


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LEGO Batman returns The Batcave Shadow Box marks the first time Walken has received a minifigure from the toy company. LEGO Batman returns The Batcave Shadow Box will be released on June 5th for LEGO VIP members and June 8th for everyone else. 3981 pieces of LEGO Batman returns The Batcave Shadowbox becomes the largest LEGO Batman collection ever. It packs some interesting features into a display case that turns into a playset for $399.99. It features seven minifigures, including new versions of Catwoman and Penguin, as well as different versions of Batman, Alfred, Max Shrek and more. View a gallery of LEGO images Batman returns Below is the Batcave Shadowbox:

How Michael Keaton’s Batman Returns in The Flash Will Change the Game

Michael Keaton's composite image of Batman from the 1989 film and The Flash.

The LEGO set arrives just in time for Michael Keaton’s return as Batman Flash. The movie premieres on June 16, a week after LEGO Batman returns A wide version of the Batcave Shadow Box. The move may be expected, as old viewers will be reunited with their favorite Batman, and new fans will be introduced to Keaton’s Bruce Wayne for the first time since the actor last starred in the film. Batman returns 31 years ago. LEGO is releasing the Batcave set from Keaton’s latest solo Batman movie. Flash will bring back the Batcave soonis a perfect move.

Keaton’s return as the Dark Knight Flash changes the game with Flash‘s story, including the multiverse, the first use of a narrative device in a DC film, and the perfect way to bring back the original Batman movie. Keaton won’t be the only Batman in the film, Ben Affleck will also return as his version of Bruce Wayne from the DCEU. There will be two versions of Batman FlashKeaton’s return to the role is the bigger story of the two, as the return of an actor decades later is surprising.

DC is making big use of its multiverse movies, not only bringing back the original Batman movie, but also having Keaton play a major role in the story. Flash‘s trailers showed how Barry Allen would make his way to Keaton’s Land, the actor’s Batman movies, such as his theme, the Batcave, the Batsuit, and interesting catchphrases. Flash It may also reveal what happened to Keaton’s Bruce Wayne Batman returnsTim Burton touches on the Batman canon discussion.

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