Margot Robbie is brilliantly recreated as an anime Barbie in great fan art. Based on the classic Mattel toy line of the same name, the upcoming comedy will be directed and co-written by acclaimed filmmaker Greta Gerwig. Margot Robbie plays the central role of Barbie, who herself is taken from Barbieland. Along with Ken (Ryan Gosling), the duo embark on a journey into the human world to find purpose and true happiness.


A recent artist Seiorai took to Instagram to share her impressiveness Barbie is a fan art of Robbie recreating the doll of the same name in an anime style.

The artist frames the blonde doll in the style of an upcoming movie poster Barbies logo is emblazoned across the image. Seiorai also features a horizontally panned image of the character and an extreme close-up that highlights Barbie’s bright eyes.

Barbie will be a unique coming-of-age story

Margot Robbie sings on Barbie

Gerwig started her career as an actress and became famous for her roles in films like this Francis Yeshe co-wrote, Maggie’s plan and Women of the 20th century. Since then, he has made a name for himself behind the camera as a director-director of critically acclaimed coming-of-age films. Lady Bird and 2019 Little women cinematic adaptation, earning Oscar nominations for both. Gerwig set Barbie became his most unconventional take on the genre.

In a world filled with constant partying and pink Barbies, this version of Robbie finds herself less than perfect. last Barbie trailer scenes, where he contemplates his own mortality and finally puts his ankles on the ground. Traveling into the human world as a figure based on ancient stereotypes of femininity gives Barbie a huge sense of culture shock and begins to explore both the outside and the inside of what it means to be a woman in modern society. As a doll created to bathe in happiness, Barbie eventually faces the challenges of reality and discovers the breadth of her own agency.

Gerwig said she recently took over Barbie Inspired by the 1994 book Reviving Ophelia: Adolescent Girls’ Self-Saving By Mary Pifer, who explores the social pressures girls face during their teenage years and how those pressures affect their maturity. With Barbie For connecting Gerwig’s love of coming-of-age tales with the exploration of modern femininity, the meta-unburned film seems to be more under the hood than one might expect from the eponymous doll.

Source: Seiorai/Instagram

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