Obsidian Entertainment has quite a long history of successful and challenging games Answered looks like nothing else. Although few details are known, it is officially known that the action of the game takes place in Pillars of Eternity the universe, which speaks volumes about the potential possibilities of knowledge. Judging from the teaser trailer alone, the game looks like the second coming of a Skyrim– a similar name.

However, it can also be the biggest problem Answered is facing Amongst the vast sea of ‚Äč‚Äčopen-world role-playing games, it may be in danger of becoming indistinguishable from other games of its ilk. It’s the same problem Atomic heart encountered a problem Answered repetition should be avoided.


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Recognized needs to be different from Atomic Heart, an open world RPG

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Atomic heart embodies many questions Answered may collide with the line. Atomic heart was very inspired Bioshock franchise, and evidence of this can be found everywhere. It was set in a utopia gone wrong, gave the player magic-like powers, and featured a megalomaniac who thinks he knows what’s best for everyone else. All these features strongly resemble Bioshock games, and therein lies the problem. Atomic heart so similar to Bioshockthat their differences may be very few.

This causes the game to lack personality, which can put this title in a bad spot right from the start. Answered you need to rethink yourself to avoid this trap. Lots of discussion around Answered tend to involve nurturing The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim one way or another. This is mostly because they will probably have a lot of the same traits, like open world games with spells, pantheons, and different factions to interact with. However, these similarities can become a problem because they can change players’ expectations of the game.

If the game is too similar to Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls in general, then the players will go in anticipation of another Skyrim or for Answered surpass it in some way. This would be a difficult task given the legacy Skyrim has Answered you can learn from past Obsidian games and other titles, but it should still strive to be its own unique experience. Skyrim has created its own legacy as not only one of the greatest games to date, but one of the best open world games out there. For this, it has gone down in video game history as one of the best open-world role-playing games of all time.

Answered must do the same, but with its own methods. Where Skyrim perhaps focused on his spells and swords, Answered could have a weapon and other more technologically advanced aspects. The form of a complex and deep story is demonstrated by Pillars of Eternity could also return, which would be a contrast Skyrimthe sometimes less-than-stellar narrative of some of its main questlines. Game process Answered can also vary greatly, again drawing inspiration Pillars of Eternity. Combat in this game was often highly technical and very strategic.

While it may be a first-person game, these aspects may still return. This would make his combat actions stand out Skyrim, which didn’t often force the player to think about how they approach certain challenges. What will set it apart the most are its themes. Skyrim was apparently inspired by Norse mythology, though Pillars of Eternity took more Dungeons and Dragons-esque approach. The gods and pantheon of Answered can only help highlight the world Skyrim depicted his own.

Until rumors for Answeredrelease date hit the Internet, its fanbase is growing increasingly restless in anticipation of its release. It might not be out for a while, but that just gives the developer more time to differentiate it from its peers.

Answered in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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