Although it’s still a long way from release, Zoe Saldana is controversial Avatar 3 shooting update. Saldanya stars as Neytiri, a Navi species living on the planet Pandora in James Cameron’s popular sci-fi franchise, who falls in love with and eventually starts a family with Sam Worthington’s human, Jake Sully. Navi body. Thanks to the success of the original, Cameron has four plans Avatar sequels, the most recent of which hit theaters ten years after its release, with the rest slated for 2028.


Zoe Saldanya dished on the highly-anticipated film while attending the 2023 Oscars for the prequel. Avatar 3 for Last night’s entertainment. The star revealed an update on the film after expressing his excitement about what to expect from the upcoming 3rd quarter.70 percent done,” Contrary to Cameron’s previous comments. Check out what Saldaña shared below:

Yeah, I mean, we’re going to go back and finish it this summer. We are 70% done there. However, we have time.

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How much of Avatar 3 has been completed?

Avatar 3 originally published as part of Cameron’s four sequel plans and was previously scheduled for release in 2015, only for an extended development cycle to delay it several times. Last year’s production finally started Avatar: The WaterwayCameron was reportedly filming the upcoming trilogy in New Zealand at the same time, primarily due to the underwater sequences featuring entirely CGI characters.

Interestingly, it was reported that the shooting has been completed Avatar 3 At the end of December 2020, after a full three years of production, Saldaña’s comments were shocking about the need for further production. A few months ago, Cameron pointed this out Avatar 3 was”95 percent done“, while also hoping to avoid that, having confirmed that the films were shot back-to-back last December. Strange things the effect of actors aging out of their roles.

While Saldanya’s filming update may seem to contradict Cameron’s previous discussions, the director also teased his hopes for the film. a nine-hour cut Avatar 3 it’s rumored to hit Disney+ shortly after its theatrical debut. As the Oscar-winner looks at the huge scale for the three sequels, his initial 95 percent mark may have slipped as he tries to bring his cast back for more filming.

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