Avatar 3 Returns the decomposition character from Avatar: The Waterway, confirms producer John Landau. As Jake and Neytiri’s Na’vi family seek refuge from the RDA with the Metkayina clan across the ocean, Avatar: The Waterway introduces an array of sea creatures, including intelligent whale-like creatures known as Tulkun. Troubled middle child Loak befriends an exiled Tulkun named Payakan, who later proves useful in the fight against the RDA, biting Tulkun hunter Scoresby’s hand and capsizing his ship.

in a recent interview with The WrapLandau discussed Payakan’s story Avatar: The Waterway connected with the audience in such a meaningful way that the majestic creature became a beloved character. Directly asked if Payakan would return inside Avatar 3replied the producer, “Payakan returns.” Read his full comments below:

I always looked at Payakan as a bit of a Lassi. I mean, it’s like a story about a boy and his dog, and they’re both outside and they need each other. And I thought Payakan would be the character you described. At first people don’t see it. And we had to say that Payakan is a hero. When we asked people about heroes, Payakan was always on that list and included them, which was unusual.

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Why Payakan is coming back in Avatar 3

Payakan was one of the biggest and most loved characters of the movie Avatar: The Waterway, his story is clearly not complete until the end of the sequel. before the events Avatar: The Waterway, Payakan was exiled by Tulkun for using violence against the outlawed manhunters, and does so again at the end of the sequel. But when the RDA begins a full-scale war against Pandora, it is unclear whether Tulkun will forgive Payakan for his past indiscretions and end his exile, or continue their commitment to pacifism.

Landau also confirmed this Scoresby returns Avatar 3, which means the ruthless hunter Payakan returns with a vengeance after surviving after cutting off his arm. In general, it was incredible for him Avatar franchise to bring back Payakan, who has become a die-hard fan favorite not only for his sympathetic and tragic backstory, but also for taking over the RDA and winning the thrilling third act of the sequel. Regardless of the trio, Payakan should be a valuable ally for the Na’vi. Avatar 3.

Source: The Wrap

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