• Discover the world of Atlas Fallen and the factions that inhabit it
  • Discover new information about the Sun God Telos and the caste system they imposed on humanity
  • Learn more about the hero you’ll play as and the odds you’ll face

Hello everyone, I’m Sabina Neuser, a story designer at Deck13. Our game Atlas fell Released on May 16th, this is a super-powerful third-person action role-playing game where you play as a hero who rebels against a tyrant god! I am here to introduce you to an oppressed society that is waiting for you to reclaim your freedom.

A fallen world

You will find yourself in a timeless land called Atlas. The face of Atlas changed after a cataclysm that happened a long time ago, allowing the corrupt god to establish a new order. This desolate, “fallen” world is now covered with sand and contains numerous ruins from time immemorial. The population has declined dramatically, but a few settlements still exist.

This is not an empty world, but a desolate one where people are desperate for change… and others are trying to stop it. With its vast dune landscape and small population, the Atlas feels like a desert, but your story takes you to many places where you meet different people and learn about their lives and hardships.

Caste system

The Sun God Telos rules the world of Atlas, establishing a caste system for humanity. At their command, the priests worship them and do their will. Priests can be seen as the upper caste of the system, and they assign workers their tasks and ensure that they are carried out.

The order maintained by this system goes so far as to deprive the lowest class of workers of their names, reducing them strictly to their functions and calling them simply “nameless.” The majority of the Atlas population belongs to this group. They pray to and obey Telos. Their labor power is necessary to maintain the divine order, so they are indeed instruments of power.

The Nameless have one main task: to extract sand impregnated with Essence and transport it to the capital. The caravans used for transportation are under the supervision of guards accompanied by several priests. Atlas society is a self-sustaining system, oppression is commonplace, and power is closely guarded.

Against the order

Of course, there is opposition. In their place in society, the Nameless have a very clear vocation: to work according to the will of Telos, for which they may be rewarded in the afterlife. But it’s not easy to stick to a role that has no meaning other than being a pawn in the rule of a tyrannical god and never being recognized as anything more than the job you do. While some are adaptable, others are not.

The Nameless are a homogenous mass in the eyes of the rest of society, but they are very human and the moods within their group vary greatly. Someone seems to have found the meaning of their life in service, someone seeks change, someone even tries to self-organize and resist where possible. But their life is disposable in the eyes of the system.

A powerful faction lurks outside the caste system: the Knights of Bastengar. Very little is known about them, their roots are very ancient. Some even think they are dead, but they only use that to their advantage, waiting for their chance to challenge the status quo.

From nameless to hero

Our hero’s journey goes from being Nameless to becoming a hero with extraordinary powers not seen in Atlas for decades. You will interact with many characters, talk and complete quests to get rewards or trade with different vendors. You will meet people of all levels in society who, for one reason or another, will take an interest in the capabilities of a hero’s artifact. Depending on how they feel about the hero, they will act accordingly: some will remain truthful and offer their support in a friendly relationship, some will manipulate, and some will act outright hostile.

In the course of the story, as your abilities grow, you will gain access to new territories and meet the inhabitants of the settlements scattered in the desert, as well as those who live in the capital. You will meet villagers, soldiers, knights, priests and many others, whether it is a short encounter or a recurring role, trying to influence our hero’s quest in one way or another.

Atlas fell releases May 16 on Xbox Series X|S.

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Atlas fell

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Rise from the dust and free humanity from the tyranny of the corrupt gods. Slide across the sands of a timeless land filled with ancient dangers, secrets, and fragments of the past. Hunt legendary monsters with powerful shape-shifting weapons and devastating sand-powered abilities in spectacular super-powered battles. Target and harvest the essence of your enemies to shape your own playstyle, creating a new era for humanity in a fully co-op or single-player story campaign. Rise from the ashes. Unleash the storm. • Master the sands to explore a unique fantasy world full of mystery, terrain and danger • Hunt legendary creatures alone or with a friend in heroic super-powered combat • Unleash your power to create deadly shape-shifting weapons • Rise as the ultimate champion with unique skills and abilities