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In some recent news, the famous video game company Atari has officially entered into a deal to acquire developer and publisher Night Dive Studios, known for reviving classic games on modern platforms.

Atari will acquire “100% Night Dive Studios” with the hope of “enriching” its already extensive IP library with Night Dive’s proprietary technology, including the KEX Engine, which lets you play old games on new hardware.

The announcement was made via Yahoo! Finance, with the acquisition expected to close by April 2023.

“Atari Enters Agreement to Acquire Night Dive Studios and Announces Intention to Continue Issuing €30 Million in Bonds Convertible to New Atari Shares”

NightDive CEOs Steven Kick and Larry Cooperman mentioned that the two companies share a mutual passion for retro gaming and creating high-quality new and updated games, and believe that Night Dive could not have teamed up with a better long-term partner than Atari.

Atari Chairman and CEO Wade Rosen said Night Dive has a “proven track record” and success in commercializing retro IP, and said it is “well aligned” with Atari’s strategy, which will contribute to its future success.

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